The Bilderberg Group Is A Secret Society So Hidden That Even Most Conspiracists Don't Know About It
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The Bilderberg Group Is A Secret Society So Hidden That Even Most Conspiracists Don't Know About It

When it comes to being a member of a historic secret society, the Bilderberg Group is one that looks undeniably appealing. The Bilderberg Group members list has included some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world - a coalition of men and women who meet once a year to talk about the biggest issues facing the planet. Established in 1954 to encourage cooperation between North American and European political leaders, economic experts, and powerful figures in industry, academia, and media, the Bilderberg Group has been masked in secrecy for over half a century. 

But what is the real Bilderberg agenda? The secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg Group has led to countless conspiracy theories about who its members are, what they intend to do, and whether or not they can be trusted. Are they a group of well-intended and well-informed elites or are they really part of a larger Illuminati plot to take over the world? Nobody knows for certain but here's some of the most outrageous facts and theories about the role they play every day without you even knowing it. 

  • They've Been Accused Of Controlling The US Republican Party

    Attorney and conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, who actively worked against the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, believed the Bilderberg Group was one of the forces working against the interests of the true conservative agenda throughout the world.

    In her 1964 pamphlet, A Choice Not an Echo: The Inside Story of How American Presidents Are Chosen, Schlafly lamented her brand of conservatism, blaming the decline of the Republican party on "'secret kingmakers,' 'Rockefeller Republicans' and Bilderberg Group globalists who schemed to control the party in order to advance social and economic liberalism." Her idea that the the Bilderberg Group was made up of men who controlled leaders of state quickly caught on. 

  • Founding Members Have Been Associated With The Nazis

    At least two of the four founders of the Bilderberg Group - Denis Healey, Joseph Retinger, David Rockefeller, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - have long been connected with the Nazi Party by conspiracy theorists.

    David Rockefeller, heir to the billion-dollar Rockefeller fortune, was an American banker and philanthropist who couldn't escape his family's connections to the Nazi party. According to scholars, the Rockefeller Foundation had an essential role in funding the Nazi eugenics program as well as eugenics research in the United States. The Foundation is also believed to have "funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz."

    Despite demonstrating active resistance to the Nazis after they invaded the Netherlands in 1940, Prince Bernhard had been a member of Adolf Hitler's Brown Shirts in 1933 and joined the Schutzstaffel, the Nazi paramilitary group, in 1934. He left the Nazi party in late 1934 or 1935 - although he swore later in life that he was never actually a member - but his controversial past only fed into the mystery of the Bilderberg Group.

  • They've Been Accused Of Trying To Establish A Global Government

    One of the most common concerns about the Bilderberg Group is that they are trying to set up a system of government - or that they already have - which controls political decisions and policies around the world. Because so many noteworthy, wealthy, and influential people have been involved with the Bilderberg Group, the notion that money runs the world feeds into the amount of power the Group possesses in the minds of speculators. It also furthers speculations as to what the aims of the Group actually are: money or the potential quest for world domination?

    From the perspective of outsiders, the Bilderberg Group appears to want to implement NAFTA on a global stage, to enact some sort of worldwide legal order, and use the United Nations to tax everyone on the planet. In truth, the agenda of the Bilderberg Group, according to some sources, is to tackle world issues, so their influence on governments and global policy is open to interpretation. Getting millionaires and billionaires together in a room to talk about problems isn't the same as doing something about them, but it can be a springboard for further action. 

  • Serbians Blame The Group For The War In Kosovo

    In the aftermath of the break-up of the Soviet Union, the ethnic divides in the Balkans resulted in the establishment of seven sovereign states. Serbian nationalist and politician Slobodan Milošević had built up a power base in the region during the late 1980s and early 1990s. When he worked to suppress ethnic Albanians in Kosovo (not to mention Bosniaks - Muslims - and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina), war broke out in among the different ethnic groups.

    By 1996, aggression from Milošević-led Federal Republic of Yugoslav (the independent republic that included Serbia and Montenegro) led to the emergence of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) which resulted in increasingly violent conflicts between Serbians and inhabitants of Kosovo. For the next three years, fighting between Kosovo and Serbia escalated and only came to an end with the intervention of the United Nations.  

    How does all of this relate to the Bilderberg Group? According to some conspiracy theorists, the whole conflict between Serbia and Kosovo was manipulated by the Group to start a Balkan war and trap Milošević into committing war atrocities. Supporters of this theory claim that the Group fed ethnic tensions in the region and funded the KLA.

  • The Bilderberg Group May Have Influenced Iran To Align With Russia And China

    In the minds of some outsiders, the Bilderberg Group has gone too far and the world is reacting. The lack of confidence in the European Union is one symptom of the Bilderberg Group's over-reaching plan to bring together North America and Europe. The Group's ties to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which was outspokenly against Russia's treatment of the Ukraine in 2014, led to Russia aligning itself with China and Iran in retaliation. This, in turn, led to a security agreement between the three countries, the possibility of a Russia-China oil pipeline, and in the end - if the international pressure is strong enough - cause the Group to give into Iran in the interest of ending the "Eurasian anti-West Alliance."

  • The Bilderberg Group Has Been Accused Of Spreading Disease To Reduce The World's Population

    Because of the Bilderberg Group's perceived connections with Nazis, eugenics, and even Chinese Communism, its been long believed that one of their goals is to reduce the population of the planet by any means necessary. Alex Jones, of InfoWars fame, accused Bill Gates, a Bilderberg Group member, of distributing "vaccines" that actually prevented women from carrying viable pregnancies while author Brad Olson accused the Bilderberg Group of developing diseases like AIDS and Ebola to kill mass numbers of people. With far fewer people on the planet, the Bilderberg Group would certainly have a much easier time establishing their New World Order