People Are Picking The Quintessential US State, And Their Choices Are All Over The Map 

Jude Newsome
April 28, 2020 2.8k votes 437 voters 6.1k views 25 items

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Spacious skies, fruited plains, shining seas... or cowboys and a cash crop. Everyone has a different idea of what makes a US state quintessentially American. The citizens of Reddit were asked to name the US state they think is most quintessential or best represents the country as a whole, and came up with a range of answers to make many states proud, no matter where the Redditors themselves were from.

The responses featuring the strongest arguments have been gathered here, with some states listed more than once and with different reasoning for each. Some people refused to choose, voting instead for a perfect union where no one state can represent the entire diverse country. Whatever you choose, America, remember that you're all beautiful.     

New York: 'Has A Big City... Rural Towns... A North/South Divide'

From Redditor /u/nohead123:

[New York] has a big city, giant river, mountains, rust-belt cities, small rural towns, diverse communities, not-so-diverse communities, and a north/south divide.

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Texas: 'All Of The Frontier Mentality, Excess, Beauty, And Culture Of America'

From a former Redditor:

I mean, it's Texas.

All of the frontier mentality, excess, beauty, and culture of America in one state.

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Ohio: 'It's Just So Average' 

From Redditor /u/theGhats:

I don't think any do, but the one that comes the closest would be Ohio. It's just so average.

Besides, I think that's why Ohio's also really good at predicting future presidents.

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'All... Or None'

From a Redditor:

All of them do or none of them do.

From Redditor /u/ShinySpoon:

All of them do equally. Every single state is representative of America. Without one of [them], America would not be whole.

From Redditor /u/Pojodan:

None of them do. The West Coast is significantly different from the East Coast is significantly different from the South is significantly different from the North, etc.

There are states that have roughly the same general demographics as the country as a whole, but that's only a small part of the puzzle...

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