People Are Asking For Help To Identify Strange Objects They Found & The Answers Are Truly Surprising



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Over on Reddit, people are asking internet strangers for help identifying strange objects that they found. From creepy dolls found in the river to strange bottles from a bygone era, here are a few of the weirdest objects that needed identification.

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    What Is This Claw That Was Found In A Sporting Goods Store?

    Answered by u/PugiM0:

    Coot foot.

    Response from OP u/pantsarenew:

    I have lived here my entire life and have never heard of a coot

    Answered by u/GrimmWilderness:

    Fun fact: coots are known to be riddled with lice. In WWI, soldiers in the trenches were plagued with body lice, it was a real problem. Aside from being blown to bits with artillery and cut down by machine-gun fire and picked off by snipers and having their feet rot off with trench foot, the poor soldiers were also being eaten alive by body lice.

    They would say "I am lousy as a coot."

    This is thought to be the origin of the word "cooties."


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    'My Friend Found This While Cleaning Out An Attic...What Even Is It?'

    Answered by u/Dazzling_Ad5338:

    Cat. It's for good luck and warding off evil spirits.

    Answered by u/Beejtronic:

    Mummified cat placed in the walls to ward off evil spirits. Pretty common in the olden days.

    In some European cultures it was customary to place the dried or desiccated body of a cat inside the walls of a newly built home to ward off evil spirits or as a good luck charm. It was believed that the cats had a sixth sense and that putting a cat in the wall was a blood sacrifice so the animal could use psychic abilities to find and ward off unwanted spirits. Although some accounts claim the cats were walled in alive, examination of recovered specimens indicates post-mortem concealment in most cases.


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    What Are These Beautiful Blue Berries?

    Answered by u/Moogooloogoo:

    Porcelain berry.

    Answered by u/bbrittmitchelll:

    Porcelain berries! Or wild grape. Not actually grapes, though, so don’t eat the pretty berries…. No matter how tempting.

    Answered by u/oreocookie7985:

    “ Tastes like burning…"

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    Caught This While Fishing. What The Heck Is It?

    Answered by u/lordvadr:

    It's a bubble coral. A not very healthy one.