People Ask For Help Identifying Strange Objects, And The Answers Are Surprising (And Kind Of Creepy)

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Over on Reddit, people are asking internet strangers for help identifying strange objects that they found. From alien-looking skulls found on the beach to scary strangers using unknown devices for devious reasons, here are a few of the weirdest objects that needed identification.

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    What Is This Device This Woman Is Holding? What Is She Doing?

    Answered by u/Sleep_on_Fire:

    It's a frequency scanner. Often used by car thieves.

    People have a bad habit of keeping their vehicle keys close to their front doors.

    These can read the codes from that distance and enable thieves to get into your vehicle, disable the security features in the process, and drive away with your car. Especially if the vehicle doesn't require a physical key to be in the ignition. 

    Note the cars parked on the curb. Prime target for a fob clone theft.

    Answered by u/the_ultimate_pun:

    They’re hoping you keep your keys right by the door on hooks.

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    Why Is This Gentleman Wearing A Mask? What Is Its Purpose?

    Answered by u/Kendermassacre:

    My guess would be it's one of the old varieties of war injury masks. As you can guess, reconstructive surgery was in its infancy. Here is an example.

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    'Relative Found These Eggs In Her Yard In Georgia, Hanging From A Tree'

    Solved by u/CWreck:

    I'm betting a bird of prey caught itself a pregnant snake and had started tearing into it but flew off with the rest of the snake, and this uterine tube fell out due to the weight of the eggs.

    Posted by u/LillyPip:

    How on earth did you figure that out in four minutes? This sub is astounding.

    Answered by u/CWreck:

    Sorry for the long delay in replying, I was getting my talons done.

    All jokes aside, I grew up in the country, still live in the country. You see, hear, and experience all kinds of things that many people would never have the chance to experience. Sometimes, it comes in handy. Ha!

    Posted by a Redditor:

    Could the eggs still hatch?

    Answered by u/CWreck:

    I highly doubt it considering they were still inside the animal, and [it] looks like they were laying out in the elements, too.

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    'Found This On A Beach In New Zealand - There Were Thousands Of Them At The High Water Mark. What Is It?'

    'Found This On A Beach In New Zealand - There Were Thousands Of Them At The High Water Mark. What Is It?'
    Photo: goforajog / Reddit

    Answered by u/PantsMcShirt:

    It's part of a siphonophore... Looks awfully like a man o' war sail with the tentacles broken off.

    DO NOT TOUCH THEM, like hydrozoans (jellyfish, etc.), they can have stingers that could potentially be fatal to humans and will at least be very painful, even after being washed up and dead for some time.

    Answered by u/C_Luz11:

    My aunt picked up one of these in the ocean thinking it was a bottle. Had to take a nice trip to the hospital.

    Answered by u/OstapBenderBey:

    AKA Blue bottle

    AKA "Floating terror"

    Answered by u/IDoNotAgreeWithYou:

    Rule #1 in nature, if it has pretty colors, don't touch it.

    Note from the OP u/goforajog:

    Rule #2 in nature DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. I'm from the UK and kind of used to nothing natural being all that deadly. I sometimes forget that's not the case most places and do stupid things like this.

    Physically I'm fine, I'm just now coming to terms with how much of a moron I am, though.

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    'Super Small Mini Flask? The "Needle" Screws Into The Flask'

    Solved by u/creesa:

    It's a pendant for perfume. Typically worn on a necklace

    Answered by a Redditor:

    I can give you some history.

    Back in the day, (17-1800s) things were not nearly as clean as they are now, especially in Victorian England. A simple walk or carriage ride down the street was often unbearable, not to mention dangerous, as disease was rampant along the Thames.

    Women would often dab a bit of perfume on a handkerchief and hold it up to their nose and mouth, not only to block the scent of feces and industrial waste, but to protect themselves from diseases.

    Answered by u/TenPoundSledge:

    Because at the time it was the belief [...] that diseases were caused, at least in part, by "bad air."

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    'My Friend Found This Weird Rock On The East Coast Of England. What Is It?'

    Answered by u/shockzone:

    It looks like a fossil of a cluster of tube worms.

    Answered by u/Meepo69:

    I woulda dropped that sh*t if I was him and read that.

    Answered by u/gabbagabbawill:

    Calcareous tube worms. Not a fossil.

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