People Ask For Help Identifying The Weird, Creepy Objects They Found, And The Answers Are Surprising

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Over on Reddit, people are asking internet strangers for help identifying strange objects that they found. From alien-looking skulls found on the beach to scary strangers using unknown devices for devious reasons, here are a few of the weirdest objects that needed identification.

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    What Is This Medicine Bottle With Electronics Inside?

    Answered by u/brazzybraz2102:

    Appears to be a "bait bottle" used to track down pharmacy thieves.

    Update from OP u/Buck_Thorn:

    I just got back from taking it down to the cop shop. Seems I found evidence for a pending case against a local teacher who is implicated in three pharmacy robberies around here. Seems she lives right in the area where I found it. They seemed quite happy that I brought it in. Today, I'm a hero.

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    What Is This Tiny Door In A Mysterious Cave In Japan?

    Answered by u/therightreverendpiff:

    It is a war grave.

    On Okinawa, thousands of Japanese soldiers and civilians [took their own lives] by jumping from cliffs onto the rocky beach below. Beginning in the mid 1960s, authorities began interring the bones in natural and man-made caves at the base of the cliffs, where the piles of bones had lain since Spring 1945.

    Entrances were sealed up with rocks as above, with an access plate able to be opened as more bones turned up.

    Source: I've been there prior to the majority of the bones being sealed.

    This site tells some of the story with some somber pictures.

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    'Anyone Know What This Is? Mom Found It On A Shelf In Her House'

    Answered by Redditor u/HIGHTECH_DUDE:

    Someone might be messing with you. It is called a Micro Sonic Grenade. Sample.

    It is designed to drive someone nuts.

    Answered by Redditor u/DancingEmu9:

    Did you ever notice the sound OP?

    Response by OP u/donteatthatbaby:

    No, I haven’t been living at home for the past few years. I did, however, ask my family that was living at the house, and no one remembers hearing anything.

    Answered by Redditor u/Jhtpo:

    Keep in mind that even when inaudible, ultra high or low tones have been documented as causing mood changes. Low tones sometimes cause nausea while high tones cause headaches and irritation.

    Children will often have more sensitive hearing and can pick up on the higher bands, while their own parents can't hear it due to a loss of sensitivity with age.

    It was popular a few years back to have ringtones or cellphone notifications that only the kid could hear. Or have "teenager repellent" that were focused speakers that would force the high range sounds at places where kids would loiter to make it annoying for them to stay there.

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    What Is This Red Devil Figure?

    What Is This Red Devil Figure?
    Photo: Jaol17 / Reddit

    Answered by u/MoistBody:

    From an article about mummy mysteries:

    Turns out one of the weirder ways skates and rays have been used by people is as curiosities. These cartilaginous fish, related to sharks, were flipped over and "shaped" into gruesome likenesses of imagined sea devils or maybe evil-looking mermaids.

    After being dried out and shellacked, they were sold in port cities and seaside towns as far back as the 16th century. The origins of the name are obscure, but some articles reference "jeune fille d’Anvers," which translates as "girl from Antwerp."

    Intentionally fishing and drying out sea creatures as tourist trinkets, whether sea stars, sea horses, or Jenny Hanivers, has fortunately fallen out of fashion. But beach combing is still a great way to come upon all sorts of interesting bits and pieces brought in on the tide and tossed ashore by a wave to dry in the sun.

    TL;DR: It's a mummified sea creature fashioned to look like the devil.

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    What Is This Ornate Box Found While Hiking In Scotland?

    What Is This Ornate Box Found While Hiking In Scotland?
    Photo: brammmish / Reddit

    Answered by a Redditor:

    Spell box? I found online [that they're] used to cast spells on people. Mushrooms mean poison, trash bag might be a belonging from [a] person, eggs mean new birth, and burying it in the ground can mean new growth or death. In my wildly uneducated opinion, I think it’s a spell box to make someone's pregnancy unsuccessful.

    Answered by u/venbrou:

    Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Although I don't think the mushroom is for poisoning as it's often associated with masculine fertility. The egg, of course, is feminine fertility, and the bag is representative of the womb.

    So this is probably the result of some witch performing a fertility spell for herself. The fact that it was buried indicates that the spell has already been performed. Most witches feel that the "ingredients" of a spell should be returned to nature after the spellwork and so are buried for at least three days if the items need to be recovered, or just buried indefinitely.

    Update from OP u/brammmish:

    Yeah, we put it back.

    Oddly, immediately after, we followed a small, beaten path we assumed would lead us homewards. After an hour or so, the path literally ended. Nothing but two-meter high thorny bushes or turning back. We decided to off-road it up a seemingly innocuous short hillside covered in heather rather than retrace our steps. Turned out to be treacherous and the most physically exhausting thing I've ever done.

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    What Is This Stone Found Hidden Behind Ivy In The Czech Republic?

    What Is This Stone Found Hidden Behind Ivy In The Czech Republic?
    Photo: Andorram / Reddit

    Answered by a Redditor:

    Is it this one? The Czech name "smirci kamen" is literally translated as "reconciliation stone," not sure what is the proper English translation. Those stones were erected on places of murders and violent deaths to reconcile with the dead.

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