People Are Asking For Help To Identify Strange Objects They Found & The Answers Are Truly Surprising

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Over on Reddit, people are asking internet strangers for help identifying strange objects that they found. From icky things found in eggs to surprising gadgets discovered on front doors, here are a few of the weirdest objects that needed identification.

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    'I Came Home To Find This Device On My Front Door. What Is It And What Should I Do?'

    Answered by u/abrams666:

    It could be an electric lock picker, burglar may be disturbed and needed to flee.

    Answered by u/The-Felonious_Monk:

    Call the police, NOW.

    Answered by u/thsvnlwn:

    Yes, you should call the police, because someone is locking you out of your own house.

    Note from OP u/soupywarrior:

    We've removed the device. It's an anti-lock device to pull out or detach locks so it was an attempted burglary. Thankfully they weren't able to enter. The police will attend in the morning...


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    'Found This In My Coat Pocket. What Is It?'

    Answered by Redditor u/SpiritualPrize:

    TileRec voice-activated digital voice recorder. Not 100% sure but it sure is a close match.

    Answered by Redditor u/Ya-Dikobraz:

    So someone slipped a voice recorder into your coat. Does that mean someone's spying on you?

    Answered by Redditor u/kkeennmm:

    Don’t say anything about it and monitor who later goes to your coat.

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    'This Came Out Of My Egg. WTH Is This?'

    Answered by Redditor u/troelsy:

    Gonna assume it's some lash egg type thing. So an infection or something the chicken tried to encapsule.

    Answered by Redditor u/TheTaters:

    I second this! I am almost certain that is a lash egg. I am surprised it wasn't caught when they candled the eggs before selling them.

    What is a lash egg? Basically the chicken had an infection or problem with her ovaries/fallopian tube and her body encapsulated the discarded tissue with the yolk.

    More information from backyard chicken raising advice website.

    Answered by Redditor u/Only_Variation9317:

    Country boy here. This is called a "lash egg." The hen that laid this had an infection in her ovaries. The infection is Sap (there's a longer latin name but I can't recall it. Unfortunately, after a hen lays one of these it's usually past the point of treatment and she expires shortly there after.

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    'What Is This Bronze And Lead Object? Found While Digging'

    Answered by Redditor u/feric51:

    Appears to be a German artillery fuse.

    Do a search for HZ 05 fuze...

    Answered by Redditor u/wings_of_wrath:

    Artillery expert here.

    First off, let me reassure you this thing is 100% inert. The bottom is heavily deformed and split, which means it comes from an exploded shell. Also the flame exhausts of the time platter are also burned and blown out. Besides, this type of fuze comes with a detonator attached to the bottom which is missing.

    If anything, you now have a nice looking paper weight. Enjoy!

    As others have already said, that is indeed a H.Z.05 ("Haubitze Zünder 05", or "Howitzer Fuze, model 1905") German artillery fuze, more specifically a triple effect fuze (timed explosion, percussion without delay, percussion with delay) designed for 10cm light field howitzers and used during WW1.

    The top is made out of brass and the rest is made form an aluminium and zinc alloy.

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    'What's This Growing In My Apartment?'

    Answered by u/Brave-Flight-7178:

    You need to call your landlord. That will make you sick.

    Answered by u/lahlahs-lands:

    Do not touch that.

    Years ago when my daughter was a newborn and upstairs apartment also had a newborn and they were constantly sick. Long story short, the upstairs baby boy passed away from a toxic mold  [just like that which grew in the vents.] The coroner said if a healthy body builder huge man touched a piece of that mold it’s 9/10 fatal.

    Please don’t touch that. Get out ASAP and all pets as well. Get next to an air purifier and seriously go breathe in some steam with lemon and ginger and aloe. Whatever citrus, any healthy herbs please. Clean your lungs somehow.

    Make an appointment with your doctor please.

    This is not good at all. Not even a little bit.

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    'What Is This Growth I Found In This Ice Cube?'

    Answered by Redditor u/hellisnow666:

    Hello. I used to clean and service food service ice machines. Highly recommend not drinking this and also not drinking anymore ice from public places.

    I am sad to report that the majority of restaurants and gas stations don’t clean their ice machines very often. And when they do they think that cleaning the holding area of ice is sufficient.

    The worst place to get ice is anywhere that uses a lot of flour, like a pizza shop. Yeast in the dough goes right into the machine and the wet dark damp environment of the ice machine is perfect for black mold.

    Typically in an ice machine if you see clear slime it’s been cleaned recently, then the slime will turn a pink color. After this it turns to black mold. You also have to worry about ice bin debris from employee hands, forgetful people leaving an ice scoop can easily become a great place for growth in the middle of the ice.

    I would definitely tell the place their ice is growing stuff in it and hope they fix it, but if it’s been neglected that long... that spore=like growth is occurring from the evaporation plate (where the ice is frozen from water in machine) I’m assuming they won’t keep up with it.

    So yes. Let’s just avoid ice that comes out of machines unless it’s a corporate Starbucks there is no guarantee their machine is cleaned on a regular or even yearly basis

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