People Are Asking For Help To Identify Strange Objects, And The Answers Are Truly Surprising

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Over on Reddit, people are asking internet strangers for help identifying strange objects that they found. From icky things found in eggs to surprising growths found in showers, here are a few of the weirdest objects that needed identification.

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    What's This Round Thing Inside An Egg?

    From Redditor u/OzRockabella:

    Looks like an ovarian tumor - it's definitely not yolk. It may have detached naturally and been encapsulated in the egg as part of the “production line” processes of egg formation. 

    I found something similar in one of my ducks, but she just excreted it like a poop rather than it being caught up inside an egg. I found it on the pathway and did as you did, cut it open for a look. She was fine, but I'm sort of still guessing to this day as to absolute specifics of the foreign object.

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    What The Hell Is This Thing?

    Answered by Redditor u/Rage69420:

    Tubifex worms.

    Answered by Redditor u/Menooga:

    Saw something similar in [a] sewer video. Apparently, they are a certain species of worm all huddled together.

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    What Is This Yellow Thing Growing In My Shower?

    What Is This Yellow Thing Growing In My Shower?
    Photo: Dakreep / Reddit

    Answered by u/the_stoned_ape:

    That is what they call Yellow Slime Mold. Here is some more info and how to clean it.

    Answered by u/zryan3564:

    It can only be two things: Mold, which if it is, then it needs to go because of health reasons. It also could be expanding insulating foam. Either way, it it would be easier to see what it is if it's taken off. If the source of it is coming from a crack in the window sill, it's probably the foam. However, the foam doesn't melt like that unless gas or another chemical is put on it.  

    [If] you have something gross in the shower, you don't keep it there until you know what it is. You get it out of there and worry about it later.

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    What Is Growing On This Nickel?

    Answered by u/CantankerousOlPhart:

    I'm pretty sure that if and when you get an accurate answer, you will wish you hadn't asked.

    It may be the decaying corpse of a small rubber band of the type utilized by wearers of orthodontic braces.

    Note from the OP u/vaughnrenner:

    Concluding that this was, in fact, an old oral rubber band for my braces 12+ years ago. Must’ve been in my wallet from 7th grade. I seriously thought it was some kind of bacterial growth from the coin at first.

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    'What Is This Sea Creature?'

    Answered by Redditor u/kooc98:

    It has many names, like blue dragon, blue angel, and blue glaucus.

    Quick Google search and apparently, it absorbs poison from other sea creatures and uses it as a defense…

    Answered by Redditor u/Kooky_Lengthiness861:

    There is only one rule in nature: "If nature did not try to hide it, then you don't touch it."

    Answered by Redditor u/ghostbirdd:

    It's a donttouchit…

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    What Is This Weird Caterpillar I Found Outside My House?

    What Is This Weird Caterpillar I Found Outside My House?
    Photo: Aystub / Reddit

    Answered by Redditor u/Junichi:

    I believe it's a Megalopyge urens Caterpillar.

    According to this article, it is abundant in southern Uruguay, which matches the area OP lives. The article also mentions "Its sting is feared because of the intense pain experienced by the victims."

    So yeah... 

    Don't touch it!

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