People Ask For Help Identifying Weird Objects, And The Answers Are Surprising (And A Little Creepy)

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Over on Reddit, people are asking internet strangers for help identifying strange objects that they found. From alien-looking skulls found in the wild to mysterious baggies that appeared in sinks, here are a few of the weirdest objects that needed identification.

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    'Covert Sticker On My Mailbox Keyhole Every Month?'

    Answered by u/Astrobelter:

    100% thieves monitoring who is home and not home.

    Answered by u/divertss:

    Every time you see them, remove them all. Warn the neighbors.

    Answered by u/mseuro:

    Leave a note above the mailboxes for the neighbors and whoever’s casing. They’ll move on.

    Answered by u/IAmMarwood:

    Came here to say this.

    Warn all the neighbors then leave a big clear sign saying, “We have spotted tampering with the mailboxes and are monitoring the area" ... Hopefully they’ll move on.

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    Found This Next To The Car...

    Answered by u/4Ever2Thee:

    Yup, and it’s your lock pick now, the gift that keeps on taking.

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    'What Is This Figure Spotted In A Friend's Home?'

    'What Is This Figure Spotted In A Friend's Home?'
    Photo: kbh188 / Reddit

    Answered by u/MysteryFlavoredPie:

    Here in my city in Mexico we have a tradition called "Procesión del Silencio" where people walk a specific route donning this kind of robes, sometimes in different colors. Sometimes white, sometimes black, sometimes purple or red. It refers to a march in silence to pay respect to the death of Jesus Christ, during semana santa (when he died according to the Bible).

    I remember watching it and sometimes participating as a kid with my very Catholic grandmother and other family members, and it always was quite an eerie experience. Some years later, after learning about the [Klan] in the US, it felt weird to have people dressed like that walking around once a year lmao.

    I believe it originally comes from a very similar tradition from Spain, which evolved over time as it came to Mexico and well the rest is history.

    Answered by u/Dacookies:

    Same in Colombia, during semana santa in one of the oldest towns they do the same procession during semana santa. It’s a huge deal because it becomes a family tradition, normally the ones participating inherit the spot on the procession and which religious image and what day they participate.

    Answered by u/ryeguy36:

    So it’s not racist? Everyone can sleep easy, right?

    Answered by u/Micky_Whiskey:

    No, not racist, it’s a religious thing. The [Klan] actually stole this wear from the Church.

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    'Ammunition With A Weird Shiny Tip, Could Be 30mm? Worried If Inert Or Not'

    'Ammunition With A Weird Shiny Tip, Could Be 30mm? Worried If Inert Or Not'
    Photo: Venhomous / Reddit

    Answered by u/buttered_scone:

    Do not handle suspected UXO under any circumstances.

    Commented by OP u/Venhomous:

    I agree, only [took] two pics so I could post and convince the person who own it to get rid of it in a proper way.

    Answered by u/Gingerstachesupreme:

    "...under any circumstances"

    You must have missed this part.

    Answered by u/wings_of_wrath:

    Artillery expert here.

    What you have there is a projectile from the 35x228 mm Oerlikon Flab Kan 63/90 (Same gun that is on the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard).

    From the fact it has an aluminium dummy fuze (the large cutouts make it obvious there is not enough space for the fuze mechanism) and it looked like it was painted bluish-grey, that makes it an "Übungsgranate" - a Target Practice shot. Be advised that doesn't mean it's inert, because even a TP shot can have active pyrotechnic devices like tracers and I can't see the bottom of it.

    My advice is, as always, call EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal, AKA the "bomb squad") and they'll sort it for you, because you don't do demining over the internet.

    Answered by u/InfiNorth:


    German is a beautiful language.

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    'A Friend Found This On Her Key Rings... Her Boyfriend Told Her Never To Remove It...'

    Answered by u/ZapallarPapudo: is the product. Finder 2.0, indeed a keychain / wallet finder.

    Answered by u/Hattix:

    Yep, it's a tracker, but not in the way OP thinks. It'll make noise if activated via bluetooth. Very short range, helps you find your keys/wallet.

    Answered by u/MrCarnality:

    That went swiftly from invasive to thoughtful.

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    'What Is This Small Built-In Feature Next To Toilet In Los Angeles?'

    Answered by u/sporangeorange:

    It's for Hasidic Jews, they fill it with toilet paper squares because of the Shabbat.

    Answered by u/Chop_til_you_Drop:

    ...Both tearing and "measured cutting" are forbidden on Shabbat. I had no idea, and Googled as well. Paper is ripped in advance and placed in the box. There is now also apparently a brand of toilet paper that comes in sheets, so that tearing is not required.

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