People Asked For Help Identifying The Weird Objects They Found In 2021, & There Were Many Surprises

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Throughout 2021 on Reddit, people turned to internet strangers for help identify strange and weird objects that they found. From plain-looking jars that contain instant death to strange blobs that appear overnight in drinking water and backyard lawns, here are a few of the weirdest objects of 2021 that needed identification.

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    'Uncle Found This In A Cave In Okinawa Around 1966-1967.' What Is This Bottle?

    Answered by u/awildwoodsmanappears:

    Japanese gas grenade.


    Answered by u/canarchist:

    OP, you need to contact the local police and have them send the HAZMAT team and/or bomb squad. Tell them exactly what you know about it and what it could be.

    More on it here:

    Model 1 Frangible Toxic Gas Hand Grenade (SEISAN SHURUDAN) Glass gas grenades were captured on Guadalcanal and in Burma early in the war. Its designation is unconfirmed and is believed to have actually been developed in the 1930s. They were also identified as "T.B. grenades" by Allied intelligence, but the meaning is unknown. These are the gas grenades once employed against British tanks in Burma near Imphal in 1942. They were filled with liquid hydrocyanic acid (AC), a blood gas derived from hydrogen cyanide. These grenades were initially reported as filled with 80 percent hydrogen cyanide (AKA prussic acid).

    Update from original poster u/why_da_herrrooo:

    Hi everyone, sorry I was unable to respond... Was a longer than expected trip back home. Thank you all for the responses, and the consensus seems to be that it should be nowhere near any individuals. I let [my] uncle know what everyone said it probably is, and he said he's surprised he's not dead.

    [That] being [said], he said that the rubber seal had been disintegrating over the years, [and] that's why you can see flakes floating around in the picture... The rubber seal [had] been disintegrating into the bottle, and he had just been re-sealing the sides with glue.

    He said he moved it into another location not near his house and will call some officials tomorrow on what to do with it. He's not too concerned in the meantime, as he has had it on his shelf in his bedroom for the last 50-some years and nothing's happened yet.

    Thank you all for the responses... He was actually planning on opening it and switching the contents to a more secure container, that's why he actually showed it to me to see what his next "project" was. You all probably saved a life, so I really appreciate it!

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    'What Is This Thing We Found While Renovating?'

    Answered by u/uragruver:

    Looks like a WWII British 2" mortar round. They did not use chemical weapons in WWII, so the filler is likely high explosive, but could be WP or Illum.

    Call the EOD and don't touch it.

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    'I Found This Floating In My Water Glass... Yikes!'

    'I Found This Floating In My Water Glass... Yikes!'
    Photo: John5671 / Reddit

    Answered by u/SpaceFlightAstro:

    It's a bacteria colony

    I.E. Do NOT cut it open.

    A picture from the site for context.

    I've been reading some comments and people are pointing out that it's probably triggered by bacterial contamination, but is really the micelles clumping together. An excess of grime and bacteria in the water is the most likely cause of the blobs.

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    'Medical Devices? But For What Kind Of Surgery?'

    'Medical Devices? But For What Kind Of Surgery?'
    Photo: NetAtraX / Reddit

    Answered by u/atlcog:

    Looks like a set that includes trepanning (drilling hole in skull, usually to relieve pressure on the brain from an injury) tools...

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    'My Security Camera Caught This Individual With A Large Device, Possibly Scanning For Something?'

    'My Security Camera Caught This Individual With A Large Device, Possibly Scanning For Something?'
    Photo: SandipJB / Reddit

    Answered by u/psychocindy:

    This person is probably a cart thief scanning for keyless car keys. 

    Never leave them near windows and doors.

    Answered by u/boost437:

    There are criminals that use devices that can scan through walls to pick up the frequency of car keys. Then use that to steal the vehicle.

    Obviously this only works with certain cars and keys.

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    'Found This Glass Like Tube "Shell" Washed Up On A Beach In North Caroline...'

    Answer by u/adube1320:

    Stingray teeth.