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Creepy Things You Didn't Know About Burning to Death

Burning to death might be the worst possible way to die. What does burning to death feel like? Human flesh does not catch fire easily, so burning to death can be a slow and painful process. There are a number of ways that you can die from side effects of the fire before the fire actually kills you. But until you lose consciousness, you're going to be in agony.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to burn to death, this list has all the information that you need. It's no wonder that many descriptions of hell contain people burning eternally. These facts about burning to death will horrify you and make your stomach turn. If you make it through the whole list, congratulations.
  • The Carbon Monoxide Might Kill You First

    When people were executed by being burned at the stake, they could die from carbon monoxide poisoning before the flames caused seriously damage to the body. This only happens in large fires, where multiple people were executed at once.

    Dying from carbon monoxide is also common for people caught in house fires.

  • Fire Peels Away Your Skin

    A fire will first burn and peel away the epidermis - the thin outer layer of skin. After five minutes under a flame, the thicker layer of skin - the dermis - shrinks and splits open, and fat begins to leak out. If you're lucky, you're already dead at this point.
  • Your Body Can Burn for Seven Hours

    A body on fire can sustain its own flame for a long time. Your body fat (which starts leaking once your dermis cracks) can serve as a fuel source for the fire. Clothing can act like a wick and feed the fat into the flame.

    Under these circumstances, a body can continue to burn for up to seven hours.

  • You Can Burn Until You Don't Feel Pain

    The most severe burns cause so much damage to your nerves that you are no longer able to feel pain. However, it's uncertain whether you would be able to survive long enough to recognize that you cannot feel pain anymore.