Apparently, Being A Contestant On Nickelodeon's Double Dare Was Utterly Disgusting

When you consider the best crazy kid game shows of the '90s and '80s, it's hard not to immediately think about Double Dare. Combining trivia, physical challenges, and over-the-top obstacles and hosted by the affable Marc Summers, it was must-watch TV for many kids. But while you may remember the show through a nostalgic, joyful haze, the truth behind Nickelodeon's Double Dare show is much stranger than you might think. Stories of what it was like to compete on Double Dare reveal a smelly, sloppy mess.

One of the weirdest Nickelodeon shows to ever air on the network, but also one of its most popular, Double Dare took the traditional game show format to new zany heights. Whether that be by making its competitors jump into various liquid mixtures to find tiny cloth flags, or running on human hamster wheels, Double Dare never failed to deliver a crazy time for viewers at home. For its contestants, though, things were more complicated.