Apparently, Being A Contestant On Legends Of The Hidden Temple Was A Waking Nightmare

Legends of the Hidden Temple epitomized what it meant to be a "'90s kid" game show – the kitschy props, the vague themes, the action-packed physical challenges and smoke machines. Though it only ran two short years, the series gained such a strong following that it still lives on today. Not only did the series launch a thousand nostalgic Halloween costumes, but Nickelodeon released a Legends of the Hidden Temple movie in 2016.

For a quirky show that only ran between 1993 and 1995, Legends sure had some lasting power which is, in no small part, attributed to its culture of losing. Avid fans of the series can probably recall the unyielding frustration of watching another kid fail at the deceivingly complicated Shrine of the Silver Monkey. It should be no surprise that Legends of the Hidden Temple was secretly hard. Nickelodeon game shows are known for their zany physical challenges (lest we forget the Guts' famous Aggro Crag), but Legends may have actually been the most difficult. It was certainly the most terrifying.

It's not often that we get a glimpse behind the scenes on kids' game shows, but former Legends contestants have opened up about being tormented by jump scares after navigating through the show's nearly impossible obstacle course. These weird facts about Legends of the Hidden Temple paint a picture where kids are set up to lose, and we can't help but watch.