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Strange and Surprising Aspects of Being a Gynecologist

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Being a gynecologist means that you know a whole lot about lady parts; it also means that you are an obstetrician, and you know a whole lot about babies. But what do gynecologists actually do, and what do they really think about the stuff they see? If you want gynecology facts or if you want to know how you become a gynecologist, it's all here. Nothing to hide.

It may be an awkward job to have sometimes, but these gynecologist facts prove that OB/GYNs have way, way more on their plate than the occasional pelvic exam. Check out this list to find out what it's really like to be a gynecologist.

  • They Use Chaperones

    While the word "chaperone" may bring on terrible prom flashbacks, chaperones exist in the medical world, too. Having a third party in the room during a pelvic exam is recommended for gynecologists. Around 75% use chaperones while performing Pap smears. However, there is a major discrepancy depending on the sex of the gynecologist. Eighty-four percent of male doctors used chaperones, whereas only 31 percent of female doctors used them.

  • Very Few Actually Perform Abortions

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    Though 40 percent of women will end a pregnancy through abortion in their lifetime, a fairly small percentage of gynecologists will actually perform them. According to a 2016 study, 97 percent of OB/GYNs encountered patients who desired an abortion, but only 14 percent of them actually performed them.

  • They Love IUDs

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    While a gynecologist can recommend or advise on many different forms of contraception, it seems that the women within the profession have a clear personal favorite. While only 11 percent of women from age 25 to 44 use IUDs, 40 percent of female gynecologists use them.

  • They Perform Circumcisions

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    OB/GYNs are very busy. They are responsible for pelvic exams, ultrasounds, child deliveries.. and circumcision. Yep, often the role of The Snipper is given to the attending gynecologist, the same person performing Pap smears.