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Strange and Surprising Aspects of Being a Gynecologist

Being a gynecologist means that you know a whole lot about lady parts; it also means that you are an obstetrician, and you know a whole lot about babies. But what do gynecologists actually do, and what do they really think about the stuff they see? If you want gynecology facts or if you want to know how you become a gynecologist, it's all here. Nothing to hide.

It may be an awkward job to have sometimes, but these gynecologist facts prove that OB/GYNs have way, way more on their plate than the occasional pelvic exam. Check out this list to find out what it's really like to be a gynecologist.

  • Mommy Blogs Are the Bane of Their Existence

    According to Reddit user and gynecologist OB-GYN, moms-to-be who come in with insane ideas from whatever pregnancy blog they read make the lives of gynos much more difficult. While doing research and getting involved with your medical treatment is a good thing, it can get out of control when people stop listening to the doctors and only trust the YouTube guru. OB-GYN says that "this behavior describes a small number of women, but they command a disproportionate amount of my energy."

  • It's Fraught with Ethical Issues

    The world of gynecology is not all babies and lady parts. OB/GYNs face some of the most difficult ethical issues of our time, from the highly charged debate on abortion to the usage of HPV vaccines. Gynecologists have to face these issues every day and make the best judgment calls they can.

  • 85 Percent of Young Gynecologists Are Women

    In the past few decades, the number of female gynecologists has increased sharply. Now, women are in the vast majority. Eighty-five percent of the 2013-2014 graduation class that chose to specialize in obstetrics/gynecology were women.

  • They Aren't Scared of Periods

    Photo: EME / Pixabay / CC0 1.0

    According to Reddit user and gynecologist npatchett, it's super unnecessary to cancel an appointment with your gynecologist just because you are on your period. While technically there is a chance that the blood could affect their ability to successfully test cervical cell samples, npatchett claims that this is very rare and it is certainly not gross or embarrassing.