Extremely Beautiful People Talk About What It's Like To Be Really Attractive 

Lowe Saddler
Updated January 30, 2019 226.1k views 23 items

It's not easy being gorgeous; in fact, extremely beautiful people sometimes suffer more than average-looking men and women. These real stories beautiful people have shared on Reddit are pretty hard to believe, especially for us uggos. They might not necessarily elicit your sympathy, but they will enlighten you about how the other half lives.

Sometimes, these people may seem a little cocksure. How can you blame them, though? They've had to live with their attention-grabbing appearances forever. Their tales are nothing if not eye-opening. 

People Don't Listen To Her Opinions

From Redditor /u/idontneedaman

I feel all the time that people don't give a sh*t about my opinion. [Guys] just agree with me, try to make awkward jokes and then make comments about my appearance, my hair, my clothes and discuss those things. I really don't mind so much, because I try to always look attractive, but in the end nobody really listens to anything I am saying. They just agree and flirt, or dismiss without responding and flirt, even when I'm not trying to look good. It's not the worst problem in the world, but that's my response to the question.

People Readily Believe His Lies

From Redditor /u/minutestomidnight:

Extraordinarily attractive male checking in... Teachers eat up everything you say. As well as interviewers I sometimes feel like a psychopath, because some people are so easy to bullsh*t. If you just sound articulate and project your voice, the attractiveness gives you a special factor that just intoxicates whomever is testing you. They just believe you, and can't think rationally or critically.

It's Hard To Have A Social Life

From Redditor /u/fortifier22

I'm definitely not super-model worthy, but I still get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. I frequently get compliments from ladies of all ages...

The best part about being attractive is that it is ridiculously easy to make a good first impression with people of the opposite sex. Its called the "Halo" effect... It's when people who see you for the first time and find you attractive automatically assume you're a good person.

However, if you want to have a social life, being attractive sucks. Everyone has negative assumptions of you the moment you try to befriend them; this applies to both men and women. Women assume you're a player and men don't even want to breathe the same air as you.

He Feels Like Everyone Is Laughing At Him

From Redditor /u/ElLetdown

Eventually getting checked out frequently starts to feel like everyone is looking at something funny on you, but you're the only one that doesn't know what it is.

Relationships in my opinion are actually harder to find. Girls that I ask out tend to assume I'm stringing them along, or that I'm the type who's always having a fling. Girls who attempt to ask me out usually do so by sending their friends to me, who point in their general direction and say "She likes you, bro." Then I look up at a table full of girls in hysterical laughter while one looks embarrassed. It's f*cking horrifying. Most of the time, talking to someone feels like a few lines of mandatory banter before she's either told me the most-likely superficial reason that we're talking.

Guys tend to get really f*cking defensive. I'm always down for roasting with my friends, but there's a very obvious difference in joking with me and saying things that you know I feel insulted about. Double if there's a girl present, and then I'm suddenly being stared down in public because you don't trust your girlfriend.