Extremely Beautiful People Talk About What It's Like To Be Really Attractive 

Lowe Saddler
Updated January 30, 2019 227.1k views 23 items

It's not easy being gorgeous; in fact, extremely beautiful people sometimes suffer more than average-looking men and women. These real stories beautiful people have shared on Reddit are pretty hard to believe, especially for us uggos. They might not necessarily elicit your sympathy, but they will enlighten you about how the other half lives.

Sometimes, these people may seem a little cocksure. How can you blame them, though? They've had to live with their attention-grabbing appearances forever. Their tales are nothing if not eye-opening. 

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She's Been Sexualized Since Childhood

From Redditor /u/sleepis4theweakkk

I wouldn't consider myself so exceedingly attractive, but I get hit on literally everywhere I go, so I guess I'll answer this one...

Now, for the cons. I've been sexualized pretty much my whole life. I was 7 the first time a boy told me I have a big butt, and I was 9 the first time I was called sexy. And it was by my teacher. I get sexually harassed all the time, and have even had to change my phone number to avoid some creeps. Men significantly older than me check me out and hit on me with no shame, and don't even back off after I tell them I'm not legal. Other girls are intimidated by me and automatically think I'm mean or bitchy. I've lost quite a few female friends over jealousy. And I have never in my life had a single male friend that didn't try to hit on me or get with me or date me. A lot of the time it makes me feel like my guy friends are only friends with me to try and get in my pants. People usually don't take me seriously. I can't even count the number of times people have said to me, "Wait, you're smart too?" And on and on and on.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice and it has its perks. But a lot of the time it sucks too.

She's Treated Differently Now That She's Older

From Redditor /u/mauxly

I never considered myself hot or anything, but I was used to men checking me out, falling all over themselves for me.

Now I'm 41. I still think that I'm somewhat attractive, but men don't stop me on the street anymore or randomly want to buy me drinks... I don't really need to work too hard [to stay in shape], so I catch men checking out my body sometimes, but when they see that I'm over 40, they turn away immediately.

It's weird, to have that power of sexuality vanish. But I can say that the older you get, the less you look to external sources for your self esteem. Thank god!

She Gets Good Deals At Flea Markets

From Redditor /u/RunsLikeAGirl

So I have been on both ends of the spectrum and definitely noticed a difference. Allow me to report my findings.

Pretty much, I can be guaranteed that men will be nice to me, and will go out of their way to help me out. Whether this be the oil change guys, or waiters, or just random dudes on the street, I can always find men to be very eager to get positive attention from me. If I need a better deal on something, like say at a flea market, I can pretty much just stand there and look at him, and he will bring the prices down. I can also see that many times, men seem very nervous around me, which is entertaining to see and often I will ramp up my flirtiness just because the awkwardness is funny to see. It's cute to see men get all flustered because an attractive woman is flirting with them. It's all incredibly interesting to me, since, of course, I feel like an ugly girl disguised in a hot girl's body.

The Girls Wouldn't Leave Him Alone

From Redditor /u/hostergaard

There was this one year where I had been training pretty hard (I was getting a new belt in karate) and not eating much (no job, my food budget was something like $10 a week). I ended up looking pretty chiseled, it also melted away the fat in my face and gave me really sharp features.

I finally got a job as a waiter at restaurant in some popular resort area. I mostly worked outside, so I got a lot of sun. I was also supposed to wear a t-shirt and an apron. Both pretty tight and showed my muscles.

By gods the girls would not leave me alone. They kept hitting on me and try to give me their number. I had become hot unintentionally. It was quite the fascinating experience, because I am kind of antisocial and wasn't that popular as a kid. The way you could mold people, how women would melt.