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14 Times MCU Heroes Should Have Been Arrested

Spider-Man, Captain America, and Tony Stark. Not only are these three guys some of the most popular characters in the MCU, they're also just three of the Marvel superheroes who deserve jail time for crimes committed throughout their respective filmographies.

Whether they're acting as members of the Avengers or going at it alone, the heroes of the MCU commit criminal acts that would put normal people behind bars for the rest of their lives. In some cases, these heroes are worse than the supervillains they're trying to stop.

Pretty much every hero in the MCU should be wanted for destruction of property and obstruction of justice. These films contain beloved characters who commit heinous offenses like homicide, reckless experimentation with A.I., and, uh, resisting arrest. The lawlessness is indisputable. It's almost remarkable that Endgame didn't finish with one long trial to put every one of these "heroes" behind bars.