Unspeakable Crimes Terrifying Things That Happen When You're Killed By Lethal Injection  

Mick Jacobs

A cocktail of different chemicals goes into the process of lethal injection. Unlike the shots you get at the doctor's office, the needles involved in lethal injections should definitely strike fear into your heart, as the video below reveals.

The two separate IVs placed into your arms both serve different functions. Altogether, they attempt to make the process of lethal injection as smooth as possible.

But lethal injection, just like anything else, runs the risk of malfunctioning. If it does while you're strapped to the gurney, all you can do is pray.

Not only will the process induce agonizing pain, it may even fail to kill you if done improperly. If you sense yourself becoming a hardened criminal, watch the video below. The next time you want to commit a crime, just stick to petty theft.