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All The Things That Happen To Your Body When You Fall In Love

Updated 5 Nov 2019 8.5k views12 items

There is perhaps no more exhilarating, life-changing feeling than falling in love. But love isn't limited to a frivolous emotional high. There are actual physiological changes happening in your body; consider it the science of falling in love.

While love has been the subject of countless works of art and the driving force behind most of our lives - not to mention its impact on the history of the world - what happens to your body when you fall in love is rarely talked about. Love isn't just a fleeting euphoria, and it isn't all in your head, either. Your body - your whole body - is responding to a timeless, universal feeling, a mystery that is only ever fully understood by the individuals who are caught up in its throes. But we can understand love on a physical, bodily level, even if we may never grasp its emotional idiosyncrasies. What falling in love does to the body just further demonstrates that love really is a mighty power.

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