People Describe The Moment They Stopped Liking Their Crush  

Samantha Dillinger
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A romantic crush can be, well... crushing. And not just because the object of your affection isn't into you, which unfortunately (or fortunately?) is often the case. Sometimes the person who turns our knees, eyes, and hearts to mush also scrambles our brains. It takes an eye-opening moment to snap us out of idol worship and the recognition that perhaps our crush has a few human defects. Poor eating habits, treating other people or animals with disprespect, looking pretty but acting ugly - all are grounds for crush-crushing defeat.

Romantic breakups, whether done for real or superficial reasons, often lead to stories of relationship regrets. But for people on Reddit who shared stories about what made them stop loving their crush, most seem relieved they "broke up" with the one they worshipped, whether or not the person ever expressed interest in them in return.

She Overdid The Selfies

From Redditor /u/alexs001:

I went to a concert with this girl and she took about 50 selfies during the show.

It would seem that vanity is a major turnoff for me.



She Was Mean To A Dog

From Redditor /u/acheron53:

I had a crush on a girl who lived down the street from my friend. I walked home from school with him one day and she walked about 50 feet in front of us.

She walked past a house and a little dog came happily running up to the fence. She turned and started kicking the fence and harassing the dog. It ran off looking terrified.

I can't stand people who mistreat animals.

He Realized All She Had Going For Her Was A Pretty Face

From Redditor /u/stnivek:

When you like someone, it's easy to dismiss the red flags. My worst crush was a vague kind of girl, always posting ambiguous romanticized crap on social media like one of those Tumblr love quotes.

First date, all she talked about was her admirers. One day she told me not to worry about them. I wasn't at all; they all seemed pathetic and had her on a pedestal. Then I realized she had nothing going on for her: still lived with her parents, no clear life goals, no burning passions that showed, no interesting hobbies, failing her studies, didn't even seem to be trying.

They say a pretty face is enough to get guys hooked because that's all that matters to guys. That's not true. Without anything else to back that up, guys... are gonna nope out fast.

Their Crush Shared A Romantic Poem - For Someone Else

From Redditor /u/grayscaleneon:

When they sent a romantic poem to me but it was actually for another person.

They just needed to see if it was good enough.