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16 Things That Make You A Suppressive Person According to Scientology

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What’s up wogs? If you’ve tried to crack the evolving puzzle that is Scientology, then you’ve definitely heard the phrase “Suppressive Person.” But what makes you a Suppressive Person? Are you born Suppressive? Or do you slowly grow that way over time after learning that L. Ron Hubbard isn’t actually friends with Santa Claus? The thing is, Suppressive people can actually come from anywhere. They can be other Scientologists, people from outside the church, and even children. It doesn’t matter who you are - if you’re a Suppressive Person, Scientology doesn’t want anything to do with you. As with most of the teaching of Scientology, the steps to becoming an SP are constantly evolving. What made you an SP yesterday may not make you an SP the next, and vice versa. If you want to stay on the church’s good side, it’s important that you keep reading and follow these rules to a T.

It’s not just people that can be Suppressive. Things and corporations have also made the Church of Scientology’s naughty list, and in 1992 a list of Suppressive groups and persons was leaked to the press that featured everything from offshoot sects of the church (a big no-no in the COS), to the first and last names of everyone who was deemed to be an SP at the time. As that list was published in 1992, you can be sure that many people, places, and things have been added since it was released. If you’re worried about becoming an SP, or if you want to go out of your way to start a war with the Church of Scientology, then make sure you read about all the ways to be declared a Suppressive Person. 

  • Talking Sh*t About Scientology

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    So this is an obvious way to be knighted as an SP by the Church of Scientology, and it's also pretty self explanatory. There have been loads of people - both ex-Scientologists like Leah Remini and skeptics like Louis Theroux - who have been labeled as SPs for criticizing the church. If you're tying to get yourself labeled, you probably don't have to make a hard hitting documentary like both of those two did, but it couldn't hurt. 

  • Trying To Get A Scientologist To Leave The Church

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    Do you know any Scientologists? If you do, and you've tried to convince them to quit going to the celebrity center for their daily readings and join you in some other weird made-up club, then you're on the fast track to being labeled a Suppressive Person. There's nothing Scientologists dislike more than someone who can't keep their nose out of church business, especially when that someone is actively trying to show members that there's another way to live that doesn't involve spending all of your savings while going up the bridge. 

  • Supporting Psychiatry And Psychology

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    The greatest enemy of Scientology is that of psychology and the general world of psychiatrists. Not only does the COS believe that psychologists have spent generations misdiagnosing and "brutalizing" their patients, but they also think that anyone who has studied psychology is basically making up stuff about their patients in order to sell them antidepressants and squeeze them dry (which is incredibly ironic). So if you've taken a Psych 101 class, and you think you've found your calling, guess what: you're an SP. 

  • Being A Reporter

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    Are you a journalist, or do you hope to get into the field of journalism some day? If so, you can kiss the Church of Scientology goodbye. According to church doctrine, reporters are the kind of people that try to squash everything by spreading their agenda and making everyone feel bad. Or as good ol' LRH said: "There are no good reporters. There are no good government or SP group agents. The longer you try to be nice, the worse off you will be. And the sooner one learns this, the happier he will be. In all the history of Scientology no interviewing reporter ever helped. They all meant the worst when they acted their best and we are always sorry ever to have spoken." If only Alex Jones would have been working when Hubbard was at the top of his game.