15 Men Reveal The Things They're Tired Of Explaining To Women

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Gentlemen: vote up the most exhausting things you don't feel like explaining.

Communication is key. But not everyone is gifted in the art of talking or listening. These Redditors are sharing their worst cases of miscommunication by revealing the things men wish women understood. If you're curious about what men are tired of explaining then keep reading!

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    When They Say You're Beautiful They Mean It

    From Redditor u/Gourmandcamp:

    That when I tell her she's beautiful, I mean it.

    The number of times I've heard, "you're just blinded by love" or "you're not objective" makes this very frustrating. Sorry that I'm not a third-party test laboratory operating a double-blind study!

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    Guys Can Also Be Insecure

    From a former Redditor:

    I'm just as, if not more, insecure as you are and my insecurities aren't any less real just because I'm a guy.

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    Women Are Just As Dirty As Men

    From Redditor u/HipHpDownTheBlock:

    Women are just as dirty as men. I'm so sick of hearing about how men don't clean while I trip over my girlfriend's random stuff on the ground, throw out her expired food, and empty the dishwasher instead of filling up the sink. How many times have we been told to "hang on a sec" while women take 5 minutes to clear out all the sh*t from their passenger seat?

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    Men Don't Always Know Why They're In A Bad Mood

    From Redditor u/icepyrox:

    When I'm in a foul mood, I may not actually know why I'm in this mood. It could just be hunger. It could be something that happened at work that affected me in a way I'm not entirely sure of.

    When I'm asked, "what's wrong" there may not be a legitimate answer. I may not even realize I'm in a mood. If I answer "I don't know", that may be a completely accurate answer. Pushing further just makes me question every thought and feeling I can recall over the entire day and send me into a spiral because I just don't know.

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    Hinting And Hoping Are Not Effective Methods Of Communication

    From Redditor u/The1KrisRoB:

    That hinting and hoping are not effective methods of communication. If you want or need something, tell me, don't just hint and hope.

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    "You Pick The Place" Is An Annoying Way To Decided Where To Eat

    From Redditor u/TheBeardedSingleMalt

    "You pick the place" is super annoying when it comes down to deciding where to eat. We can't keep track of all your unapproved restaurants, and don't wanna spend 30 minutes listing every single place while you give a reason not to go there

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