No One In Hollywood Knows How Drinking Works: 15 Bits of Evidence

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There's a lot of drinking going on in movies, which is a relatively mundane reality, but what's most notable about it is how Hollywood misunderstands alcohol completely. There are scenes where people become drunk immediately after ingesting alcohol, and conversely, scenes where people become sober the moment it behooves them without any indication that these individuals apparently have a superhuman control over their metabolic rate. In general, there just seem to be weird drinking rules showing up in movies - rules that often defy science or even logic for no apparent reason.

The most annoying thing about the misrepresentation of alcohol in movies is how seemingly lazy it is. Is there a reason why the screenwriter couldn't write into the script, "Guy walks up to bar and orders a Manhattan," instead of, "Guy walks into a bar and orders 'a beer,'" a request which is immediately fulfilled?

Here are a bunch of examples of movies that just don't understand drinking at all, and explanations of how these events would actually go down in real life.