Weirdly Interesting These Guys Stopped Eating Sugar For An Entire Month And Recorded How It Altered Their Bodies  

Mick Jacobs

Everyone understands sugar isn't good for you, but cutting it out entirely proves to be a difficult task to undertake. In the video below, two Dutchmen by the names of Sacha and Boris completely eliminate sugar and alcohol from their diets for a full month.

As they note in the experiment, nearly half of the Netherlands struggles with obesity, and both men wanted to see how sugar and alcohol might contribute to that struggle.

The men note the difficulty of the experiment only a few days in, where Sacha feels himself getting irritable. Each of them discovers just how hard it is to consume anything without sugar, making life much more of a hassle than they anticipated.

By the end of the experiment, however, the two men both emerge surprised by how different their bodies feel. Watch below to see what they learn about their bodies and sugar.