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Things Only People Who Paid Attention to The Hills Noticed

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There is no line more iconic in reality television history than "You know what you did!" Watching the friendship between besties Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag crumble right before your eyes proved to be a unique experience for reality TV. At the time, there was no show like The Hills and no reality TV show portraying such a simultaneously raw and fabricated story, predicated on both fact and tabloid. Paying attention to The Hills wasn't exactly the point, as MTV's best reality was more of a spectacle than anything else. But paying attention to The Hills also paid off at times. The Hills always busted out the best dramatics and theatrics, but it also managed to reveal the greatest inconsistencies and absurdities. There are certain things only diehard fans, those who paid attention to The Hills, will notice from past seasons and moments.
  • Lauren and Heidi switched apartments, but acted like they hadn't moved.

    Photo: MTV
    Somewhere between Seasons 1 and 2, Lauren and Heidi clearly switched apartments. But the show insisted that they hadn't moved or that anything had changed. The set up was completely different, but for whatever reason, the show pretended nothing had happened.
  • Heidi and Spencer sure had a knack for running into Lauren.

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    Despite not being friends anymore and living in one of the largest cities in the world, Lauren and Heidi managed to bump heads wherever they went out. From small dates to massive mansion parties, Speidi mysteriously showed up to whatever Lauren had planned for the evening. Coincidence? Or heavy-handed planning on the producers' part?
  • Lauren & Co. always got into clubs and bars even though they were underage.

    Photo: MTV
    No one seemed to be checking IDs at the hottest bars and clubs in Los Angeles. Either that or Lauren and her friends were clearly getting special treatment. Although these guys and girls were way under 21 for most of the show's run, they were always able to sneak their way into the Hollywood pub crawls.
  • The girls were always wasted.

    Photo: MTV
    Drama and screaming matches at a club don't happen unless you're 2 am wasted. And everyone on The Hills was smashed just about 24/7. Although, you'd probably feed yourself liquor for dinner too if you knew that every night you went out to party you'd be forced to confront all of your worst enemies.