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Things Only People Who Paid Attention to The Hills Noticed

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There is no line more iconic in reality television history than "You know what you did!" Watching the friendship between besties Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag crumble right before your eyes proved to be a unique experience for reality TV. At the time, there was no show like The Hills and no reality TV show portraying such a simultaneously raw and fabricated story, predicated on both fact and tabloid. Paying attention to The Hills wasn't exactly the point, as MTV's best reality was more of a spectacle than anything else. But paying attention to The Hills also paid off at times. The Hills always busted out the best dramatics and theatrics, but it also managed to reveal the greatest inconsistencies and absurdities. There are certain things only diehard fans, those who paid attention to The Hills, will notice from past seasons and moments.
  • Lauren had the worst taste in men.

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    Luckily, it appears that Lauren is happily married now. But when LC was braving the dating pool back in her early twenties, her taste in guys was truly awful. Starting with Jason was not a good indicator of who Lauren would give her heart to. From there, Lauren shuffled around LA with countless bros and fist pumpers, including Brody, on her arm. For someone with such sage romance advice, Lauren couldn't seem to take her own wisdom to heart.

  • Audrina had no emotions.

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    Happy? Sad? Angry? Excited? These are all things Audrina never expressed. With quite possibly the best poker face in television history, Audrina was a women of very few words and even fewer facial expressions.
  • Spencer never actually called to apologize to Lauren.

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    Spencer reportedly calling to apologize to Lauren about spreading the sex tape rumors was a big moment in The Hills history.  But unsurprisingly, it was all staged... or at least heavily edited. According to Lauren, Spencer never actually called her. Instead, the show had Spencer stage a call, while they pasted together clips of Lauren to make it look like she was responding to his faux apology.
  • The show would not have been as successful without the Lauren/Heidi feud.

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    In all honesty, Season 1 was a drag. (You probably don't even remember Brian and Jordan.) But The Hills really took off with the fallout of Heidi and Lauren's friendship. If anything was real or true on the show, this was it. For whatever reason, watching their friendship fall apart in the most organic way captivated audiences and spawned a franchise MTV had never seen before. Without the fight at Les Deus, The Hills would not have made television history the way it did.