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What All The Planets Mean In Astrology—And How They Impact You

Updated 16 Sep 2019 63.3k views14 items

Have you ever wondered what the planets mean in astrology, or why your Sun sign description doesn't quite sum you up? One quick look at your birth chart reveals that you contain multitudes; your chart includes every planet in the solar system. Each of the celestial objects in astrology has its own talents, M.O., and (of course) a unique set of embarrassing problems.

Check out the list below to find out which planet to blame or credit for your tendency to blurt out the answers (Mercury), your natural empathy (the Moon, Neptune, and Chiron) and your uptight, control-freaky ways (Saturn).

If you know a little about mythology or astronomy, the astrological meanings of the planets will already make sense. The Moon (thanks, amateur astronomers, we know it's not technically a planet), which reflects the light of the Sun, represents our shy, reflective side. Jupiter, named for the hard-partying king of the Roman gods, makes us feel great, but also inspires a lot of stupid, overconfident decisions.

The list below covers all the major points in astrology, including four important non-planets and one minor (yet significant and not-to-be-underrated) "planet", the asteroid Chiron. If you are still itching for more (maybe get that checked?), we've also conveniently horoscoped your 2018.

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