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Weird History
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Here's What Every Notable Presidential Election Loser Ended Up Doing With Their Life

Updated 19 Aug 2020 21.6k views57 items

You thought finding a job in your field was hard?  Try running for president. President is arguably one of the most difficult gigs to land in the entire world. The whole country votes every four years on a single person, so the title is pretty hard to come by. As impressive as landing the presidency may be, the people who've lost presidential elections have accomplished some pretty amazing things, too.

Those who lost their bid for the presidency are a lesson in perseverance; many became movers and shakers who changed the world despite their initial failure. They're proof that you can achieve greatness beyond your biggest disappointments. And, hey, maybe that dream job really will be yours if you try over and over again like Ralph Nader. These losers, much like their winning counterparts, have shaken up history.

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