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Someone Figured Out Exactly What Would Happen If Superman Punched Your Fragile Human Body

Superman is one of the oldest superheroes in the world and has become one of the staples of comic book history. Immensely powerful and possessing almost unrivaled strength on planet Earth, the human population is fortunate that the Man of Steel is generally a hero who doesn’t commit acts of violence against mankind even if he is sometimes a bit of a jerk. That hasn’t stopped people from wondering what happens if Superman punches a person, as people just love to analyze fictional characters to see how their powers would work in the real world.

The science of Superman, though, can be a tricky thing. He has so many different abilities that would cause havoc in reality that it can be difficult to see how he could ever interact safely with any member of the human race. However, for those who are curious, YouTuber Vsauce3 put the time and effort into discovering exactly what it would be like to receive a blow from Superman in reality. The results make for some rather interesting reading as you will see below.