All The Places You've Seen The Riverdale Actors Before (And Didn't Even Realize It)

The Archie Comics-inspired series Riverdale took the world by storm upon its 2017 debut, instantly building a loyal and excited fan base and gaining positive reviews from critics. After all, it combines three of the things that make teen shows ridiculously compelling: love triangles, a mystery designed to spark theories, and a gorgeous cast.

One of the show’s strengths has always been its ensemble. The cast of Riverdale throws together new talent alongside Hollywood veterans, ensuring the series is appealing to a vast array of TV fans. And thanks to Netflix acquiring exclusive international broadcast rights for the CW show, these fans come from all over the world, making Riverdale a global hit.

Finding the perfect actors to bring Archie & co. to life wasn’t easy. According to producers, casting was a six-month process that began before the pilot had even gotten officially picked up. Thankfully, all that effort paid off and the series aired its fourth season in 2019. The Riverdale actors have amazing chemistry, which is a must for any teen show hoping to last in today’s crowded TV landscape. But where have you seen these people before?

Some of the actors on Riverdale are newcomers, while others built pretty solid careers before starring in the CW smash. Past projects featuring Riverdale actors include popular series like Twin Peaks and Beverly Hills, 90210. Curious to find out more? Here all the places you've seen the Riverdale actors before.