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What Sea Creature Do You Want to Be?

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List RulesAnimals that live in the earth's oceans and seas only. Vote up the ones you would want to live as if ever given the option for some reason.

Sometimes being a human is just the worst. Wouldn't life be way more fun if you were a freewheeling, carefree, floating, swimming, sea creature? When life gets to be too much, just imagine yourself in the fins of a dolphin or zipping around like a jellyfish. As the most famous movie crab once said, "Life under the sea is better than anything we've got up [here]."

What makes life as a sea creature so much fun? Well for one, it's nice and quiet. No cars honking at all! At most you might accidentally pick up on another dolphin's echolocation, which isn't really that bad in the grand scheme of things. Sure, a shark could eat you (unless you ARE the shark!!!!) or you could run into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but you don't have to file taxes or worry about your bank account for even one moment.

So, which cool sea creature do you want to be? Which ocean dweller represents your true self? Vote up the sea creatures you'd most want to live as and add any other cool sea life that isn't already listed!