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Surprising Things Seth Rogen Revealed About Himself On You Made It Weird

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If you enjoy loud, bombastic laughs and down-to-earth honesty, then you absolutely must check out the Seth Rogen interview on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Both guys guffaw like hyenas on nitrous oxide. But their ridiculous cackles only provide one side of the entertainment. As a result of Holmes's expert interviewing skills, you learn a great deal of Seth Rogen fun facts in this episode; though they never get around to talking about sex, they do cover comedy and religion, as always on Holmes's podcast. Oh, and of course they tackle Rogen's known drug usage, because for a Seth Rogen interview on You Made It Weird that's what the people want to know.

While Rogen says little about religion other than being raised Jewish, he goes deep into his comedic background and the childhood which shaped his voice and style. Anyone who started stand-up at age 14 has a few stories to tell, and more than a few include mushrooms. Take a look at what you learned about Seth Rogen on You Made it Weird.

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    His Mom's Favorite Movie Is 'Die Hard'

    Her second favorite movie is Total Recall. Basically, his mom sounds awesome. Even more importantly, Rogen says his parents' love of film it allowed him watch and enjoy cinema with them, though it came with some drawbacks:

    "It was awkward... watching a three-boobed alien with your parents."

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    He And Evan Take Forever To Conceptualize Movies

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    Rogen says the actual writing of a movie script takes up 5% of their creative process. He and writing partner Evan Goldberg discuss an idea for years before ever putting it down on paper. He used to think the duo wrote movies quickly, until he realized he and Goldberg wrote the movies so quickly because they conceptualized them for years. That's at least true for the good movies, not so much with the crappy ones. 

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    James Franco Once Stole A Line From Him

    During the filming of Pineapple Express, Rogen thought of a funny line, but decided against using it. Chuckling to himself between takes, he told a curious Franco the line. On the very next take, Franco used the line as he sniffed some ganja and said, "It smells like God's vagina." The line itself appears in the final cut for the film. This seminal moment taught Seth the value of being fearless as an actor. And to not trust Franco with anything. 

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    Your Love Means Nothing To Him

    A woman walked up and told him she loved his work; he claims she caught him in a bit of a "sh*tty mood," and 10 seconds later he still found himself in the same sh*tty mood, and realized her admiration "in no way made [him] happier." This sounds a lot worse than when he conveys the full context, but compliments from fans mean virtually nothing to him. When taken in full context, Rogen essentially says he determines his self-worth without factoring in others' opinion of him.

    But early on in his career, he ego very much relied on his fans. Fan hate and fan love affected him equally and took its toll. Today, Rogen's reached a place where he simply enjoys his creations based on their own merits. See? Not so a**hole-ish! Plus, if you thank him for his charity work with Alzheimer's, he actually does appreciate that. So there you go.

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