15 Gnarly Things That Happen To Your Body When You Die Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation sucks, and if you've ever suffered from it, then you know it can make you act pretty strangely, make your work sloppy, and give you the worst sort of headaches. What you might not know is that sleep deprivation death is a real thing. That's right. You can in fact DIE from a lack of sleep! With that grim knowledge, you may now be wondering what dying of sleep deprivation is like. Well, lucky for you, you don't have to stay awake for eleven days to find out. You just have to read on to discover the horrifying, fascinating facts.

You may have had a period of insomnia so severe that you felt like you were dying. But you can rest assured; you've probably never even gotten close to that point. It can happen, though, and it's totally different than dying from a fall or dying in an explosion. It's slow, painful, and pretty darn confusing.

If you're still wondering how close you are to your lack of sleep limits, or if you're just curious about how sleep deprivation death happens, you're invited to climb into the sleepless sack of the insomniac. But be warned: what you read here might either make you want to take a nap right now, or it might make sleep tonight (and every night) pretty difficult.