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Here's What Superpower You Would Have According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Many cultures believe the exact positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth (popularly known as zodiac signs) enhance specific characteristics. As such, it is only natural to seek advice from the same celestial mysteries when trying to figure out the ideal superpower for each zodiac sign. If western zodiac signs can predict what Avenger, Disney princess, or Star Wars character you can be, then why not let the stars answer the fundamental, all-encompassing question: what superpower would you have based on the zodiac? What is the innate superhuman ability that allows you to be a princess, or an Avenger, or a galactic space warrior?

A person's abilities are just extensions of their personalities. Similarly, a person's superpowers are determined by what part of their nature is most dominant. The evolution of these character traits results in generations of tremendous potential, which then manifests in the form of superpowers.  Are you wondering what superpower accompanies your zodiac personality? Scroll down and find out your superpower by zodiac sign - the results may surprise you.

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    Aries and temper-tantrums go together like peanut butter and jelly. A Fire sign, an Aries often allows anger to consume them without considering the ramifications of their actions. With so much rage and hot-headed temperament, the ability to manipulate fire helps them let off some steam - literally.

    The heat surrounding Ariens is, in turn, fueled by inner fury, leaving them feeling calm once they've burned out. In short: flame-on!

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    Any true Taurus can commune with nature in a way that makes other signs look positively out of touch with our world. This spiritual entanglement with Earth allows those born under the sign of the Bull to manipulate its atmosphere.

    Taureans have the power of atmokinesis. This means they can control the wind, precipitation, mist, and storms - they can even manipulate the winds to carry them high above the ground! 

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    Geminis are notorious for their restless spirits; they also carry with them an incredible amount of energy. Geminis are not bound by the physical confines of a single body. Their capricious nature is satisfied by an X-Men-flavored, Mystique-like ability to be anyone they want and at any time! Every particle of the Gemini body can be completely different, allowing them to shift their appearance at will.

    Geminis can defeat all their enemies by merely replicating their enemy's form, becoming an equal threat in seconds. If appearances can be deceiving, this sign takes the cake.

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    Cancers have an excellent sense of intuition. Few powers enhance this trait better than clairvoyance and divination. Cancers seem to know when things are happening in far-away places, both in space and time. Cancer's powerful senses can track happenings across continents and oceans, in the future or the past.

    If something is happening, Cancers will know. We hope they use their knowledge wisely!

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