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Here's What Superpower You Would Have According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Many cultures believe the exact positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth (popularly known as zodiac signs) enhance specific characteristics. As such, it is only natural to seek advice from the same celestial mysteries when trying to figure out the ideal superpower for each zodiac sign. If western zodiac signs can predict what Avenger, Disney princess, or Star Wars character you can be, then why not let the stars answer the fundamental, all-encompassing question: what superpower would you have based on the zodiac? What is the innate superhuman ability that allows you to be a princess, or an Avenger, or a galactic space warrior?

A person's abilities are just extensions of their personalities. Similarly, a person's superpowers are determined by what part of their nature is most dominant. The evolution of these character traits results in generations of tremendous potential, which then manifests in the form of superpowers.  Are you wondering what superpower accompanies your zodiac personality? Scroll down and find out your superpower by zodiac sign - the results may surprise you.

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    Ah, Leo, the illustrious Lion of the zodiac. What if the powerful Leo was able to represent their majesty through animorphing powers? Most would, of course, choose the "King Of The Jungle" to reign supreme. 

    However, Leos could also turn into a glorious panther or a venomous snake, and the world will be none the wiser, perpetually at the mercy of their species-shedding abilities. 

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    Be it an imperfect object or a broken heart, Virgos are adept at mending things. So, naturally, the Virgo power is healing. They can heal people, animals, and repair broken objects. All those hours spent worrying about a friend's health or that bothersome rip in their tablecloth are over.

    With a little bit of focus, Virgo could be the world’s best fixer-upper.

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    Charm, focus, and powerful energy define a Libra. Telekinesis requires an incredible amount of internal balance, and only a Libra can master this skill. Libras don't naturally possess this ability - they earned it through endless hours of hard work. This also means they have ultimate control over it.

    Libras can levitate and move objects without moving a single muscle, and with just a little bit of practice, can even learn to levitate themselves!

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  • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Mind Control

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    Having trouble with the passionate possessiveness that accompanies Scorpios? Worry no longer because Scorpios' superpower is mind control. They can cognitively possess any intelligent species and compel them to do a Scorpio's bidding before the person even realizes what's happening.  

    Complex and all-consuming, this power ensures Scorpios get what they want in every situation. 


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