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What The Haters Are Saying About Avengers: Infinity War

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NOTE: This list contains no explicit spoilers about the plot of the film. 

After 18 movies, destiny has finally arrived in the form of Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos and his gauntlet reached Earth's vicinity, and the 70+ MCU characters are bracing themselves for his appearance. While the franchise has reached zeitgeist status around the world, that doesn't mean it's perfect. On the contrary, there are more than a few things people hate about the MCU movies. 

From the convoluted meta narrative, to the slew of obvious plot holes, the MCU films aren't exactly known for depicting a tight, well thought out story. Even though creators have been teasing the film for years, not all of the franchise's issues have been addressed, and there are plenty of criticisms worth levying at Infinity War. The worst reviews call the film out its reliance on CGI, its side-lining of female heroes, and the fact that after years of horrific foreboding, Thanos is kind of a likable character. 

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