Weird History

Theodore Roosevelt Tried To Have His Own Brother Committed And Exiled – So He Wouldn't Embarrass Him

There are dozens of celebratory, and occasionally apocryphal, tales about President Theodore Roosevelt - one of America’s most popular Presidents - but the story of him and his brother, Elliott, is not one worthy of celebration. Any simple biography composed of Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt facts is filled with tragedy and - although many of the troubles in his life were self-inflicted - his brother conspired to further ruin him.

Fearing a potential scandal due to Elliott’s alcoholism and womanizing, some contend that Teddy made moves to protect his reputation. He went so far as to exile Elliott to Paris and later rip him from his family and institutionalize him. This callous treatment of his younger brother helped preserve Theodore’s reputation long enough to win him the White House, but it also destroyed his brother’s life and ultimately led to his suicide at 34 years old.