What To Do If You Think You Ate A Poisonous Mushroom

While most of us don't spend a lot of time fretting over what to do if you eat a poisonous mushroom, taking a moment to form a bad mushroom game plan might just save your life, especially if you're a fan of tasty fungi. Mushroom facts are surprisingly interesting; they're neither plant nor animal, and they have diverse effects on the human body. Some are of the harmless variety and are little more than tasty, healthy additions to a pizza or salad. Others are perpetually sought out - often by those dressed in tie-dye - to induce a whole other type of effect all together. Unfortunately, there's also an array of mushrooms that belong to the sneaky, toxic variety you definitely do not what to ingest.

Can a poisonous mushroom kill you? You bet, especially if you don't know what to do once you've accidentally eaten one. Luckily, the grave need not be the only fate of those who have accidentally experienced a toxic mushroom-laden meal. If you come prepared, there are plenty of cures and early warning signs that can help keep you or a loved one eating strange fungi for years to come.