Things That You Can Do With Old Wine Bottles

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Most people just throw away their wine bottles once they've finished the wine. But why do that when you can turn that bottle into something amazing? Don't believe us? We're about to convince you otherwise with this list of things that you can do with old wine bottles. 

We love wine bottles... well, mostly that's because of what's in them. But there's no need to ditch the old wine bottle once you've finished the contents, especially when you can reuse old bottles for bottle crafts. Our list shows you how to create your new favorite decorative piece with just a little creative influence, a few small craft items, and maybe a glass cutting kit.  

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    Create Decorative Lights

    Create Decorative Lights
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    Create a totally cute look with an old wine bottle and a short strand of Christmas lights. 


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    Build A Cool Chandelier

    Build A Cool Chandelier
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    This craft requires a little drilling, scoring, and electrical work. But the instructions from DIY Network make it super easy!
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    Make A Hummingbird Feeder

    Make A Hummingbird Feeder
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    This is the ultimate way to recycle - create a hummingbird feeder out of an old wine bottle. All you need are a stopper and these directions from Allie Makes
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    Turn Them Into Holiday Decor

    Turn Them Into Holiday Decor
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    Warm up the holidays (and your wine) with miniature scarves and hats.

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    Make Candle Holders

    Make Candle Holders
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    Using long, thin candles, you can transform your bottles into candle holders. Create varying heights by cutting your bottles with a glass cutting kit like Design Sponge did. 
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    Turn Them Into A Canvas For Painting

    There's no end to the designs you can paint on a bottle.

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