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18 Things The New Trailer Reveals About Thor: Ragnarok  

Zack Howe
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How many times have you watched the Thor: Ragnarok trailer? If it’s less than 50, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Yes, fans everywhere simultaneously needed a fresh pair of underwear when the God of Thunder donned his helmet for battle, and now there is speculation abound as people desperately try to infer the plot of the next Thor movie. Well, and try to recover from the shock of seeing Mjolnir mjanhandled by the powerful Goddess of Death Hela.

So let's discuss her and almost all the characters in the new Thor movie (at least the important ones), and the Easter eggs from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, as well. It’s possible that there will be major spoilers ahead, but also possible that every speculation will be wrong, and thus bereft of spoilers. It's a mad, mad crazy gladiator-battle world we live in. 

The Showdown Of The Century
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Oh, it's going to be good. It's going to be sooo good. This trailer gave us the most beautiful moment in cinematic history, when frienemies Thor and Hulk charge at each other on the sands of the Sakaaran arena in full battle regalia.

We got but a hummingbird-sized taste in Avengers of what a battle between these two Goliaths would look like, but now we're going to get the whole pterodactyl! That's a saying, right? Regardless, sploosh

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Welcome To Planet Hulk
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When we first see Hulk (in a truly pants-ruining scene), big Dr. Banner is wearing the armor he wore in the Planet Hulk storyline. Now, this could hint at an upcoming standalone Hulk movie following that storyline, but it’s more likely (and devastatingly) just an homage to that.

There was a time when it seemed like that might actually come to fruition, but this scene will have to be enough. It certainly looks amazing, at any rate. 

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Loki Is Still Causing Problems
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Loki, you got some ‘splainin to do! That was topical, right? Anyway, when we last saw Loki he was sitting on the throne of Asgard disguised as Odin. In the comics, Loki sometimes works alongside Hela to cause chaos, and it seems the same thing is happening in Ragnarok.

When Loki enters the fray in the trailer, the guys who accompany him to the party don’t look like Asgardians. And he’s clearly walking into the giant battle for Asgard doing a double-dagger flip. Looks like everyone else brought gods to a Loki-knife fight. Amateurs. 

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Mjolnir Isn't Indestructible
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Although it’s suggested in the MCU that Mjolnir cannot be destroyed, apparently it most certainly can. Like all things (and most people) in comic books, it’s actually destroyed numerous times in the source material.

In the trailer, Hela just frickin’ crushes Mjolnir with one hand. As if she doesn’t look badass enough, the fact that she can destroy the once-thought indestructible hammer of Thor so easily should be evidence enough of how mighty a foe she’ll be. Do you think Thor was terrified or aroused when he saw her do that? Maybe a little of both?

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