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18 Things The New Trailer Reveals About Thor: Ragnarok

10 Apr 2017 1.1k votes 241 voters 36.1k views18 items

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How many times have you watched the Thor: Ragnarok trailer? If it’s less than 50, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Yes, fans everywhere simultaneously needed a fresh pair of underwear when the God of Thunder donned his helmet for battle, and now there is speculation abound as people desperately try to infer the plot of the next Thor movie. Well, and try to recover from the shock of seeing Mjolnir mjanhandled by the powerful Goddess of Death Hela.

So let's discuss her and almost all the characters in the new Thor movie (at least the important ones), and the Easter eggs from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, as well. It’s possible that there will be major spoilers ahead, but also possible that every speculation will be wrong, and thus bereft of spoilers. It's a mad, mad crazy gladiator-battle world we live in. 

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