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Everything You Need To Know To Be Ready For The New Season Of ‘Peaky Blinders’

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The anxiously awaited new season of Peaky Blinders - already airing in the UK - will hit Netflix in the United States in October 2019.

When audiences last saw the Peaky Blinders, the group's leader, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), had taken on a whole new life. His brother, Arthur (Paul Anderson), and cousin, Michael Gray (Finn Cole), were on separate shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Polly Gray (Helen McCrory) experienced personal and professional ups and downs while Lizzie (Natasha O'Keeffe) bore Tommy a new child.

Throughout Season 4, Peaky Blinders featured some truly riveting events. Any Peaky Blinders recap will help prepare you for Season 5. This one goes a step further by letting you weigh in on which moments were the most important last time around - and what they may mean going forward.

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    Alfie Solomons Asks Tommy To End Him Quickly

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    Alfie Solomons is both friend and foe to the Shelbys. At one point, Solomons worked somewhat closely with Thomas, but he also turned on him several times. By the fourth season, he is playing both sides - allied with the Italian syndicate while maintaining ties with the Shelbys.

    Alfie is also suffering from cancer and tells Thomas he has very little time to live. Alfie doesn't want to suffer and begs Thomas to end him. Thomas hesitates, so Alfie fires on him, which prompts a retaliatory strike.

    As Alfie lies on the beach with his loyal dog Cyril close by, it's not quite clear if he actually meets his end.

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    The Changrettas Go After John And Michael

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    With the Changrettas swearing an oath to end the Peaky Blinders, Michael goes to retrieve John on Christmas Day. He intends to bring him, his wife Esme, and his children back to the safety of Small Heath. Esme refuses to leave and, while she argues with Michael, a horse-drawn cart passes by. Several Changretta hitmen emerge from behind innocent-looking hay bales stacked on the cart and open fire.

    John's involvement in the vendetta with the Changrettas goes back to the third season when he ended Luca's brother, Angel. This prompts the retaliatory strike on Thomas's wife, Grace. After escaping the noose, John retreats to the countryside with his family, somewhat resistant to involvement in any further Peaky Blinders' matters.

    It's John's slow reaction to the Black Hand letter that spells his demise. As a result of his delay, John is hit multiple times when the Changrettas arrive, and subsequently perishes. Michael is hurt but survives after he is sent to the hospital for life-saving surgery.

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    Tommy Sells Out The Communist Party And Is Elected As A Member Of Parliament

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    After the end of the engagement between the Changrettas and the Peaky Blinders, Arthur tells Tommy to take a much-needed break from the family business. He tries, and even plays some golf to pass the time, but he struggles with post-traumatic stress, alcohol, and a general malaise that sends him looking for a new purpose in life. He finds it in politics.

    Tommy reaches out to Jessie Edin, an organizer of female factory workers in Birmingham. Tommy tells Jessie he wants to help her and she gives him the name of her Communist ally, Casey Douglas. Jessie speaks to Casey, a man with ties to Moscow, and arranges a meeting between the two.

    After sleeping with Jessie, Tommy takes the information she's given him to the British government. He offers to work undercover within the socialist movements wreaking havoc on labor in the country. In exchange, Tommy manipulates himself onto the ballot to become a member of Parliament.

    No surprise to anyone, Thomas Shelby wins the Labor Party seat for Birmingham South.

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    Arthur Takes Out Luca Changretta, Ending The Conflict Between The Two Families

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    In an exchange between the Changrettas and the Peaky Blinders during the final episode of the season, Tommy makes it clear to Luca that his time is coming to an end. Luca has no idea just how true this is. After he and Tommy exchange blows, Arthur Shelby emerges from the shadows. 

    Everyone - all of the Peaky Blinders and their associates - believed Arthur had been slain. In truth, his demise had been staged for the purpose of winning the clash between the two families. As everyone looks on in shock at Arthur's rebirth, the Shelby brother takes out Luca, ending the feud. 

    Tommy immediately starts talking business, and instructs the former Changretta associates that Michael Gray is ready to work with them in the United States. For his part, Arthur tells them to remember what they've seen and take it as a reminder not to mess with the Peaky Blinders. 

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