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You'll Love Altered Carbon If You Watch These Shows

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In 2018, Netflix introduced millions of viewers to Altered Carbon, their adaptation of Richard K. Morgan's dystopian science fiction novel. Today, it's the sci-fi show you didn’t know you should be watching. The show is set more than 300 years in the future, a time when when people can have their memories, opinions, and personalities uploaded into synthetic human bodies called "sleeves."

Season 2 of Altered Carbon dropping February 27th, which makes now the perfect time for first-time viewers to binge the first season — that is, if you think it's worth your time. With so many new shows being produced, released, and talked about, it's hard to know what's worth those precious few hours you have free in the day to watch TV. 

That’s where Watchworthy comes in. Our Watchworthy app can tell us how likely it is that you’ll love Altered Carbon based on the other shows you enjoy. Take a look at the items on this list: the more of them you've seen and found watchworthy, the more likely it is that you'll feel the same way about Altered Carbon. Alternatively, if you're already a big Altered Carbon fan, this list can serve as a list of recommendations for shows to check out while you wait for the next season to drop on Netflix. 

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    The Boys fans are 9X more likely to love Altered Carbon

    The Boys is an Amazon original series about a team of everyday vigilantes who take it upon themselves to rein in corrupt superheroes. The show was a surprise hit in summer 2019 and got plenty of critical praise for its dark humor and subversive themes, perfect for a time in which comic book adaptations are dominating the worlds of both film and television. If you appreciate Altered Carbon for its original characters and cynical outlook, The Boys might be for you.


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  • Lost in Space fans are 9X more likely to love Altered Carbon

    It's not hard to see why fans of Lost in Space might also like Altered Carbon: both are adaptations of incredible sci-fi works, both are Netflix original series produced in 2018, and both posit terrifying visions of the future. If you prefer a good adventure to a mystery story, Lost in Space is the better match for you — that being said, Altered Carbon could be a perfect follow-up series for those who don't mind when things get a little dark and mysterious.

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    Maniac fans are 7X more likely to love Altered Carbon

    It's not entirely clear whether Netflix's Maniac takes place in the future or in an alternate reality to our own — it's part of what makes the show so mesmerizing and strange. But while Maniac's focus is more on in-depth storytelling than sci-fi worldbuilding, both share an ability to pique your interest in the story by incorporating plenty of intriguing elements from an unfamiliar futuristic world.

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    Future Man fans are 7X more likely to love Altered Carbon

    Maybe it's Seth Rogan's co-creator credit that originally drew you to this high-concept comedy, but if it's the show's inventive inversion of sci-fi tropes that you like, you might find yourself loving Altered Carbon just as much. While Altered Carbon may not have quite as many punchlines, fans of Future Man will appreciate the show's detailed world and its willingness to shake up major aspects of the plot from season to season. 

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