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What to Watch If You Love Better Things

February 27, 2020 11 items

Pamela Adlon's dark comedy about single motherhood is headed back to FX for a fourth season on March 5th. For those who aren't already fans of Better Things, it's got everything you could want in a modern comedy: hilarity, heart, amazing acting, and a willingness to confront uncomfortable truths about both parenthood and growing up. If you're a longtime fanatic, you don't need our help understanding why it's so fantastic — what you might need help with, though, is finding shows that will satisfy your craving for smart, heartfelt comedies while you wait for new episodes of Better Things season 4 to drop.

That’s where Watchworthy comes in. Our Watchworthy app can use the thousands of votes cast by fellow Better Things fans to recommend the TV shows you're statistically most likely to love. Each show on this list has been shown by our app to share a significant number of fans with Better Things — that should give you plenty of options for new shows to check out before the latest season of Adlon's masterpiece comedy premieres. 

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    Better Things fans are 9X more likely to love When They See Us

    It's hard to say what makes fans of a comedy about single motherhood so much more likely to love When They See Us, a dramatic miniseries that retells the story of the "Central Park 5," five black teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of rape and assault in 1989. When They See Us received 11 Emmy nominations in 2019, including "Outstanding Limited Series," and earned Jharrel Jerome the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie." This heartbreaking, yet hopeful look at the prejudice in both the criminal justice system and our political media will quickly show Better Things fans that it deserves all the hype. The full series is currently available on Netflix.

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    Better Things fans are 9X more likely to love Good Trouble

    This spinoff of the beloved Freeform sitcom The Fosters has a considerably lighter tone than Better Things, but they both a share a focus on the joys and challenges of growing up in a "nontraditional" family. Good Trouble follows Callie and Marianna Foster as they wave goodbye to the family and strike out on their own in Los Angeles, CA. The two young women carve a new home for themselves in the shared downtown living space "The Coterie," and find that living outside their parents' home brings its own problems. 

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    Better Things fans are 9X more likely to love Good Girls

    Good Girls is a comedy-drama that's perfect for the modern era — after falling on hard times, three women who have been screwed over by various men in their lives look to even the score through a robbery that quickly goes wrong. A cross between Breaking Bad and Scandal, this show features stars you'll almost definitely recognize like Mae Whitman (Arrested Development, Parenthood), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), and Retta (Parks & Recreation). It also features memorable performances from Matthew Lillard as an unfaithful, but repentant husband. 

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    Sneaky Pete

    Better Things fans are 9X more likely to love Sneaky Pete

    Giovanni Ribisi plays Pete, an ex-con and con man who impersonates another man after leaving jail to take cover from a vicious gangster played by Bryan Cranston. As Pete creates a web of lies that keep his "family" from figuring out who he really is, he becomes more emotionally attached to each of them and less capable of manipulating them. Better Things fans who come for the well-written family storylines in this drama will likely stay for the twists and turns that keep Pete on his feet as he looks to dodge the wrath of both his fellow criminals and the police. 


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