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What to Watch if You Love Breaking Bad

Updated May 12, 2020 25.4k views12 items
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El Camino, a new movie that continues the story told in the groundbreaking AMC series Breaking Bad, is coming to Netflix on October 11. That means there's never been a better time to revisit the original series. And once you're done with that, there's never been a better time to revisit Better Call Saul. But what do you do if, in your wild state of Breaking Bad-driven mania, you've binged all the way through both these shows? How do you feed your addiction once you've seen everything there is to see about Walter White and crystal meth empire he built in Albuquerque?

The answer, of course, is here at WatchWorthy. We've got the cure for your Heisenberg hangover: a list of 12 awesome TV shows that we know Breaking Bad fans are statistically more likely to love, based on the thousands of votes cast by Breaking Bad fans on Ranker. Some of them share a focus on the drug trade and criminality, some of them are about people leading double lives, and some of them don't seem to have anything in common with Breaking Bad beyond a fan base. But all of them are sure to scratch your itch for more content once you're finished with El Camino

Once you've finished the new Breaking Bad movie, take a look at the offerings on this list and decide which one is most likely to appeal to your unique tastes. You can also check out this sweet infographic we designed to make recommended viewing even easier to find for Breaking Bad fans.

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    Breaking Bad fans are 10X more likely to love The Sopranos

    A groundbreaking HBO series that many see as the standardbearer for "prestige TV,The Sopranos has the twists and turns that defined Breaking Bad, the shocking and exciting violence, as well as the phenomenal acting. Unlike Walter White, Tony Soprano's status as a criminal kingpin isn't exactly a secret. All the same, Tony has to work overtime to keep his mob activities hidden from the FBI, his infidelities hidden from his family, and his reliance on psychotherapy hidden from his fellow mobsters — that's a recipe for the same kind of tension that kept you tuning into Breaking Bad week after week. 

    Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like The Sopranos:


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    Breaking Bad fans are 8X more likely to love The Shield

    Sometimes, crime and corruption are happening on both sides of the criminal justice system. The Shield is a landmark police drama that follows an LAPD precinct run by crooked cops who regularly bend or break the law in order to enforce it. The Breaking Bad parallels here are pretty clear: using violence and coercion to support your reputation as a good guy. Definitely don't miss this show if you're a Breaking Bad fan who appreciates a great cop drama. 

    Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like The Shield:

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    Breaking Bad fans are 9X more likely to love Halt & Catch Fire

    Halt & Catch Fire is one of AMC's more underrated dramas, dramatizing the efforts of a fictional company working to invent a portable PC in the 1980s. While Breaking Bad defied expectations to become one of the network's smash hits, Halt & Catch Fire was conceived as a kind of follow-up to the massively popular Mad Men. Once the show hit its stride by the second season, however, it shed its similarities to previous hts and became its own, very strange drama about corporate ambition, the beginnings of the tech sector, and the deep impact that a boring subject like computing has had on our persnal lives. 

    Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like Halt & Catch Fire:

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    Breaking Bad fans are 9X more likely to love Goliath

    Billy Bob Thorton's character in Goliath, Billy McBride, is like a reverse Better Call Saul. He starts out as an ambulance-chasing alcoholic lawyer, but is dragged into doing something good when he agrees to take on a wrongful death lawsuit against his former law firm's biggest client. His journey of redemption forces him to make difficult choices in order to hold a huge energy company accountable for the safety of its workers. It's the perfect chaser to restore your faith in humanity (and in lawyers) after seeing a little too much of Saul Goodman.

    Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like Goliath:

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