What to Watch If You Love 'Coraline'

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If you fell in love with the twisted world of the 2009 stop-motion fantasy film based on Neil Gaiman’s best-selling book, you’re probably wondering what to watch after Coraline. While Coraline is without a doubt one of the most original films out there, there are a few similar movies and TV shows that have that same odd and creepy vibe. This list offers up other movies like Coraline to satisfy your craving. 

When it comes to movies that look like Coraline, several films fit the bill. Movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Frankenweenie are all stop-motion animated classics. These movies are fantastical, a little whimsical, and many are great fun, particularly around Halloween. Not all Coraline similar movies are animated, however. If you're a little tired of the cartoon genre, give Matilda or Beetlejuice a try. (And really, if you haven’t seen Beetlejuice, now’s the time.)

Rather watch a scary TV show like Coraline? Try Stranger Things, the breakout Netflix hit, and, for the younger set, perhaps Gravity Falls? For the older kids (and young-at-heart adults) who are Coraline fans, consider watching shows like Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, or even Once Upon a Time.

If you're looking for recommendations to recapture that Coraline vibe, browse some of the listings below and vote for your favorites.

  • Corpse Bride
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    Victor (Johnny Depp) and Victoria's (Emily Watson) families have arranged their marriage. Though they like each other, Victor is nervous about the ceremony. While he's in a forest practicing his lines for the wedding, a tree branch becomes a hand that drags him to the land of the dead. It belongs to Emily, who was murdered after eloping with her love and wants to marry Victor. Victor must get back aboveground before Victoria marries the villainous Barkis Bittern (Richard E. Grant).

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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
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    The film follows the misadventures of Jack Skellington, Halloweentown's beloved pumpkin king, who has become bored with the same annual routine of frightening people in the "real world." When Jack accidentally stumbles on Christmastown, all bright colors and warm spirits, he gets a new lease on life -- he plots to bring Christmas under his control by kidnapping Santa Claus and taking over the role. But Jack soon discovers even the best-laid plans of mice and skeleton men can go seriously awry.

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  • ParaNorman
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    Young Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-McPhee) has the ability to speak with the dead -- and he often prefers their company to that of the living. Norman receives word from his strange Uncle Prenderghast (John Goodman) that a centuries-old witch's curse on their town is real and about to come true -- and that only Norman can stop it. When zombies rise from their graves, Norman must summon all his courage and compassion and push his paranormal abilities to the limit to save his fellow townspeople.

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  • The Haunting of Hill House
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    Siblings are forced back to the haunted house where they grew up to confront the ghosts of the past.

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