What to Watch If You Love 'Drunk History'  

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Drunk History is a hilarious series that depicts important historical events as they are (incorrectly) described by celebrities who are completely wasted. If you’re searching for ideas about what to watch after Drunk History, these TV shows and movies are a great place to start. The best movies and shows like Drunk History feature hilarious situations, both true and completely false. In this list, you'll find everything from Community to 30 Rock and even Superbad.

What programs will you vote to the top of this list? Maybe you're a fan of Airplane!, a disaster parody film about an airplane heading for a crash and the people working to keep that from happening. If you’re looking for more comedy, Reno 911 is a ludicrously funny TV series to dive into is you want to see a ridiculous group of cops. Some of the other notable movies and shows to watch if you like Drunk History include Parks and Recreation, Tosh.0, and Super Troopers.

Which shows and movies are the best for Drunk History fans? Vote up the ones you would recommend to other fans, and be sure to check out the titles you haven’t seen yet.

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Rick and Morty is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list What to Watch If You Love 'Drunk History'
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Rick and Morty (Adult Swim, 2013) is an American adult animated science-fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his fretful, easily influenced grandson Morty Smith split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures. ...more on Wikipedia

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Reno 911! is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list What to Watch If You Love 'Drunk History'
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Reno 911! is an American comedy television series on Comedy Central that ran from 2003 to 2009. It is a mockumentary-style parody of law enforcement documentary shows, specifically Cops, with comic actors playing the police officers. Most of the material is improvised, using a broad outline, and with minimal scripted material. The series spawned a film, Reno 911!: Miami, featuring the same cast. Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney-Silver all starred in and are billed as creators of the series. ...more on Wikipedia

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Tosh.0 is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list What to Watch If You Love 'Drunk History'
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Tosh.0 is an American television series hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, who provides commentary on online video clips, society, celebrities, and other parts of popular culture and stereotypes. ...more on Wikipedia

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Chappelle's Show is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list What to Watch If You Love 'Drunk History'
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Chappelle's Show is an American sketch comedy television series created by comedians Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan, with Chappelle hosting the show as well as starring in the majority of its sketches. Chappelle, Brennan and Michele Armour were the show's executive producers. The series premiered on January 22, 2003, on the American cable television network Comedy Central. The show ran for two complete seasons and a third, truncated season. After numerous delays, production of the third season of the show was abruptly ended when Chappelle left the show. Three episodes were compiled from the completed work and these episodes aired from July 9 to July 23, 2006. Re-runs have frequently aired ...more on Wikipedia

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