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What To Watch If You Love 'Fear Factor'

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Fear Factor kept viewers on the edge of their seats with trilling challenges, so it's no surprise that you’d be on the hunt for similar shows to watch after bingeing the entire series. Well, search no more, because this list has some of the best recommendations for movies and TV shows similar to Fear Factor.

Deciding what to watch after Fear Factor really depends on your mood, but if you’re looking for more daring competitions, The Circle is a reality show that you’ll almost certainly love if you like Fear Factor.

MxC is another good TV series that is full of gross-out humor. Other good TV and movies recommended for Fear Factor fans include Survivor, The Titan Games and The Challenge.

  • Fight of the Living Dead
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    Fight of the Living Dead (YouTube Red, 2016) is a reality web series directed by Kevin Abrams and Michael Shea. Ten well known YouTubers are thrown into a experiment where they must fight for their lives and survive zombie attacks.... more on Wikipedia
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  • Hellevator (GSN, 2015) is an American horror game show. Hosted by the Soska Sisters, the show features a team of contestants riding a haunted elevator through an abandoned slaughterhouse and completing challenges along the way.... more on Wikipedia
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  • Exit is an American game show on Syfy that premiered on June 4, 2013.... more on Wikipedia
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    101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

    101 Ways to Leave a Game Show
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    101 Ways to Leave a Game Show is an American game show hosted by Jeff Sutphen. The series premiered on June 21, 2011, on ABC and ran for six episodes in its only season. Matt Kunitz, the show's executive producer had stated "If we get a pickup, we'll do at least 12 more episodes."... more on Wikipedia
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