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What to Watch If You Love 'Fear the Walking Dead'

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List RulesVote up the films and series you know other fans of Fear the Walking Dead will love. Please don’t vote if you haven’t seen Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead tore from the minds of Robert Kirkman and the folks at AMC to offer a completely new way of telling the story found on The Walking Dead with new characters and a completely new setting. If you’re searching for ideas about what to watch after Fear the Walking Dead, these TV shows and movies are a great place to start. The best movies and shows like Fear the Walking Dead feature zombies, but that's not the only element of the series that makes it great; the people and their stories are why folks tune in week after week making Fear the Walking Dead a character-driven show more than anything. In this list, you'll find everything from iZombie to The Walking Dead to Dawn of the Dead.

What programs will you vote to the top of this list? Maybe you're a fan of Fido, a nontraditional zombie flick about a boy and his pet zombie. If you’re looking for more zombie gore, Santa Clarita Diet is a killer TV series to dive into zombie lore from an entirely new perspective. Some of the other notable movies and shows to watch if you like Fear the Walking Dead include Talking Dead, V, and The Strain.

Which shows and movies are the best for Fear the Walking Dead fans? Vote up the ones you would recommend to other fans, and be sure to check out the titles you haven’t seen yet.

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  • Lucifer
    Photo: Lucifer / Fox
    Lucifer (Fox, 2016) is an American fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series developed by Tom Kapinos. The series revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles where he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LAPD....  more
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  • Fido
    Photo: Lionsgate Films
    Fido is a 2006 Canadian zombie comedy film directed by Andrew Currie and written by Robert Chomiak, Currie, and Dennis Heaton from an original story by Heaton. It was produced by Blake Corbet, Mary Anne Waterhouse, Trent Carlson and Kevin Eastwood of Anagram Pictures, and released in the United States by Lions Gate Entertainment....  more
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  • The Walking Dead
    Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC
    The Walking Dead (AMC, 2010) is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up alone in a hospital to learn the world is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive....  more
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  • 24
    Photo: Fox
    24 (Fox, 2001) is an American drama television series created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), Director of Field Ops for the Counter-Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, races against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster....  more
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