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What To Watch If You Love 'Impractical Jokers'

May 26, 2020 521 votes 26 voters50 items

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Impractical Jokers is a hidden camera reality game show with improvisational elements that garnered the love and affection of hordes of fans thanks to its hilarious dares, but if you’ve finished watching the series, there’s no need for despair. There are plenty of movies and TV shows to watch if you like Impractical Jokers and we’ve compiled the best ones right here for you right here!

TV shows similar to Impractical Jokers often feature pranks on unsuspecting people. If you’re looking for more hidden camera prank shows, Prank Encounters is sure to fill the void. The Netflix show follows unsuspecting folks as seemingly unusual sitations turn into horrible nightmares. And if you think there aren’t also some good movies like Impractical Jokers, then think again, because we’ve found quite a few that are sure to tickle the fancies of even the hardest-to-please fans. Take Bad Grandpa, for instance. This movie is basically Impractical Jokers if it were made for the big screen, and is a great choice for any extreme reality fan.

But you don’t have to take our word for it - some of Impractical Jokers’s biggest fans have chimed in and cast their votes for the best movies and TV shows like Impractical Jokers, and once you’ve watched, you can cast your votes too!

So what are your favorite movies and TV series like Impractical Jokers? Vote your favorite programs up to the top of the list.

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  • Crank Yankers is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list What To Watch If You Love 'Impractical Jokers'
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    Crank Yankers is an American television show produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison that featured actual crank calls made by show regulars and celebrity guests, and re-enacted onscreen by puppets for a visual aid to show the viewer what is happening in the call. The show premiered in 2002 on Comedy Central and returned to MTV2 on February 9, 2007, running again until March 30, 2007. The show screened in Australia on SBS Television and The Comedy Channel between 2003 and 2008.... more on Wikipedia
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    Fameless (TruTV, 2015) is a prank show hosted by David Spade. Believing they've been cast on a reality show, a group of unsuspecting desperate-to-be-famous individuals are put into ridiculous situations with improv actors.... more on Wikipedia
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  • Scare Tactics (SyFy, 2003) is an American reality comedy television show. This hidden camera prank show that puts victims into terrifying situations, usually involving movie-style special effects and makeup that recreates horror movie clichés.... more on Wikipedia
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  • Loiter Squad is an American sketch comedy television series starring Tyler, The Creator, Jasper Dolphin, Taco Bennett, Earl Sweatshirt, and Lionel Boyce from the Los Angeles hip hop group Odd Future. The show regularly features other members of the group as well. Jeff Tremaine, Shanna Zablow, Dimitry Elyashkevich, Lance Bangs, Nick Weidenfeld and Keith Crofford are the show's executive producers. The show's second season made its debut on March 10, 2013. The third season premiered on May 15, 2014. The show was produced by Dickhouse Productions for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block during its first and second seasons. Season three's production shifted to Gorilla Flicks, a new... more on Wikipedia
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